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Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

1 year English Starts end of August

Merge knowledge of human cognition and artificial intelligence with techniques such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Modeling. You will develop innovative solutions and applications and contribute to a deeper understanding of intelligent systems. This is a track of MSc Communication and Information Sciences.

of the current students is (very) satisfied with their program

National Student Survey, 2018| n = 4

finds a job within 6 months after graduation

National Alumni Survey, 2017| n = 36  (all tracks of Communication and Information Sciences)

Gross monthly income one year after graduation

National Alumni Survey, 2017| n = 36  (all tracks of Communication and Information Sciences)

Program and courses

  • Based on theoretical insight and programming skills, you learn to understand artificial intelligence, optimize learning systems and develop new intelligent applications.
  • Discover how human cognition and artificial intelligence relate to each other. You study processes regarding attention, visual and auditory perception, memory, language use and decision making.
  • Gain practical experience with the latest techniques to create an attractive professional profile for the job market. In the DAF Technology Lab you employ virtual and augmented reality applications and persuasive and sensing technology. Furthermore, you acquire recent data-driven methods in digital content analysis, such as data mining, data visualization and natural language processing.

Typical courses are:

  • Data Driven Design
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Deep Learning
  • Text Mining
  • Human-Robot Interaction

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Students at their graduation ceremony

Career prospects

Upon graduating you will have obtained the following title (as stated on your diploma) Communication and Information Sciences, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence.

With this Master’s track  you will contribute to the understanding and the modeling of human cognition and play your  part in the design and programming of intelligent applications.

As such this program provides excellent opportunities to advancements in working fields like artificial intelligence and robotics, data science, data mining, and knowledge technology, and decision making.

Graduates work or started for example as:

  • Senior Language Technologist at CLS Communication
  • Professional Services Consultant at Teradata
  • Software Engineer at Nspyre

Alumni facts

  • Average number of months until first paid job: 2.5
  • Finds a job within 6 months after graduation: 92%
  • Gross monthly income one year after graduation: EUR 2,433

Source: National Alumni Survey, 2017| n = 36

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Application and admission

This program starts:

At the end of August.

Best preparatory programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology / Cognitive Science, Communication & Information Sciences, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Social Sciences, Linguistics, or Economics.
  • The academic background of the students in our Master's program varies a lot. Students with a Bachelor's degree in a different subject area are also most welcome to apply. 

Pre-Master's program

Not available

Tuition fees and scholarships

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