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Extended Master's Program Human Resource Studies

An Extended Master's Program adds an extra semester (6 months) to your regular Master’s program during which you get the chance to gain relevant work or research experience and enhance your professional skills or academic knowledge. You might spend this extra semester studying abroad at one of our partner universities to gain some international experience.

As a Human Resource Studies student you can choose one of the following options for the Extended Master's Program:

  • Exchange program International Comparative HR
  • Professional traineeship
  • Research Traineeship in HR analytics

1. Exchange program International Comparative HR

Studying International Comparative HR, you will pursue a balanced program of graduate courses (30 ECTS) at one of the host universities, in addition to your regular Master’s courses.

  • Study one semester abroad in the second or third semester and work on your Master’s thesis during the other semester. International experience gives an extra competitive edge on the job market.
  • This program takes a cross-cultural approach in order to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the employment relationship in different international settings.

We work together with five partner institutions:

  • BI Norwegian Business School (BI), Oslo, Norway
  • Bocconi University, Milan, Italy
  • University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
  • ISCTE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal
  • North West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

2. Professional traineeship

During the Professional Traineeship you will participate in a wide-range of HR activities in and under the supervision of a partner organization. You will take on a professional traineeship at a partner organization in the second semester and write your Master’s thesis in the third semester. 

  • A professional traineeship provides you with relevant work experience and enhances your professional skills and knowledge.
  • In this one-semester traineeship, you will participate in a wide range of HR activities for and supervised by the partner organization.
  • Your primary task will be to take part in (the various stages of) a HR project. This may vary from projects on talent management, flexible workforce, and performance management, to strategic personnel planning.

3. Research Traineeship in HR analytics

During the Research Traineeship HR Analytics you will participate in an ongoing project on HR Analytics related to ‘work, employee wellbeing and performance’ within the HRS department.

  • You will take on a research traineeship at the HRS department and write your Master’s thesis in the second and third semester.
  • The HR Analytics research traineeship provides you with relevant research experience and advanced methodological skills for analyzing organizational data related to the theme of ‘work, employee wellbeing and performance’.
  • In this traineeship, you will combine participating in an ongoing project on HR Analytics within the HRS department (50%) with doing your Master's thesis research (50%).
  • These activities are supervised by a senior researcher of the department.

Application and admission Extended Master's Program

You cannot directly apply for the Extended Master's Program. You’ll have to be enrolled in the Master’s program Human Resource Studies to apply for one of the three options for the Extended Master's Program Human Resource Studies.

  • At the start of the Master’s program Human Resource Studies (early September/early February) the options for the Extended Master's Program will be introduced during a Kick off meeting. An extra information meeting will be organized for students who are interested. In the information meeting you’ll receive all information on the application procedure and deadlines, and the structure  and planning of the three options. 
  • If you are interested, you must contact your program coordinator.

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