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Pre-Master’s program Human Resource Studies

The pre-Master’s programs in Human Resource Studies are designed for (1) Dutch students with a relevant Dutch hbo degree, and (2) Dutch and international students with a university degree that does not entirely meet the admission requirements of the Master's program.

Pre-Master's programs

For Dutch hbo graduates

The pre-Master's program for Dutch hbo graduates builds on the practice-oriented knowledge you acquired during your Bachelor's by enhancing your theoretical knowledge as well as your capacity for conceptual thinking.

This half-year program (30 ECTS) runs from the end of August until the end of January.

After completing the program with good results, you can: 

Tuition fees

Please consult the page about the tuition fee rates concerning the Weighted fees pre-Master. This rate is the same for EEA and non-EEA students.

Application and admission

To be eligible for this pre-Master's program, you must have completed a Dutch hbo Bachelor's program that gives direct access to the pre-Master's program. If you want to apply for admission to the pre-Master's program in Human Resource Studies, please follow the application and admission procedure and read the requirements for Dutch hbo students.

More on the application and admission procedure

For Dutch wo and international students

Tilburg University offers a pre-Master’s program designed for students with a university Bachelor’s degree – national or international – that does not entirely meet the entry requirements of the Master’s program in Human Resource Studies.

After you have submitted your complete application, the Admissions Committee will, based on this, decide whether:

  • You can be admitted to the Master’s program directly.
  • You need to take a pre-Master’s program.
  • You cannot be admitted to the (pre-)Master’s program.

More on the application and admission procedure

Program content

Course overview

You will take the following courses in block 1 (August - October)

  • Methods, Measurement and Statistics for Pre-master Students
  • Academic Writing for Pre-master students
  • Research in Human Resource Studies (Pre-master) 
  • Work and Health Psychology for Pre-master students  

You will take the following courses in block 2 (October - December)

  • Causal Analysis Techniques for Pre-master students
  • Research in Human Resource Studies (Pre-master) 
  • Strategic HRM for Premaster students

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

Go to the course descriptions

Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

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