digital society

Art and Media Studies

Study artistic practices and how they contribute to the democratic, digital and mediatized public sphere.

Digital Culture Studies

Learn how digitalization affects our cultures, identities and how we relate to others.

Two new Master’s tracks about culture in the online-offline nexus

Tilburg University launches two new Master’s tracks within the MA in Culture Studies: Art and Media Studies and Digital Culture Studies. The new tracks will start at the end of August 2020 and replace the Master’s track 'Online Culture'.

Would you like to…

  • Study art, culture and media in the context of the digital society we live in today?

  • Learn how to turn academic content into publications accessible to a wider public?

  • Test the impact of your publications on the online platform Diggit Magazine, that attracts readers from all over the world?

Then have a look at these innovative new Master’s programs!

Art and Media Studies

Focuses on artistic and creative practices and aesthetic concepts that can be found online as well as offline. In this track you will:

  • Gain knowledge on artistic practices and their contributions to the democratic, digital and mediatized public sphere.
  • Combine cultural studies and media studies, enabling you to analyze and understand artistic and cultural performances in online and offline contexts, and to communicate about them professionally.
  • Become prepared for jobs in the cultural field, such as cultural organisations, news and media environments, and with museums and event organizers.

Typical courses are:

  • New private and public spheres
  • Beauty and the sublime online
  • Intimacy, privacy and authenticity
  • Authorship and persona
  • Performance, Ritual, Art & the Body

Digital Culture Studies

Focuses on how digitalization affects our cultures. In this research-oriented track you will:

  • Analyze the way new technologies and modes of social interaction re-arrange and innovate how we relate to others.
  • Study how these phenomena change our identities, communities and norms for conduct. And learn about the inclusionary and exclusionary effects in contemporary digital culture, as well as their impact on social structure.
  • Become prepared for a career in - among others -  journalism, new media and creative industries, academia and policy-making.

Typical courses are:

  • Digital media and everyday life
  • Digital Knowledge
  • Ethno-mining
  • Digital Industries and infrastructures
  • The hybrid media system and online writing

Online Master’s Open day

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  • Get acquainted with our English taught (Pre-)Master’s programs
  • More on practical matters such as admission and studying in Tilburg
  • Ask your questions to current students, lecturers and academic advisors
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