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Extended Master Organization Studies

In the Extended Master Organization Studies you will follow a junior traineeship at a partner organization. The Extended Master Organization Studies is a 1.5 year program (90 ECTS) in which you’ll combine scientific research during the Master's thesis trajectory with in-depth work experience in an organization. This extensive experience will boost your position in the job market.

Short overview of the Extended Master

The Extended Master Organization Studies is a master's program lasting one-and-a-half year (90 ECTS), divided into three semesters.

  • In the first semester, you follow the courses of the regular Master's program.
  • In the second and third semester you will do a junior traineeship in one of the partner organizations of the Department of Organization Studies.
  • During your junior traineeship, as of the second semester (unit 3), you will spend an average of 50% of the week on your Master's thesis research. The other 50% of the week you will carry out (project) activities for the partner organization, making you acquainted with different stages and aspects of organizational analysis and organizational change processes.
Overview of partner organizations 2020 -2021

Why the Extended Master?

  • You will strengthen your career prospects by adding a professional traineeship to your Master’s program.
  • You will broaden your knowledge of organizational life.
  • You will work on a Master thesis that is relevant to the organization. As such, it helps to practically implement theoretically-based research questions.
  • You will become familiar with situations in which you’ll have to apply scientific theories and methods to resolve practical problems.
  • You will explore the work environment of your choosing and discover whether you like it or not.
  • You will be prepared for and have a good orientation of the labor market.
  • You can get access to organizations otherwise difficult to get into.

Application and Admission

The Extended Master Organization Studies will be offered again in 2020-2021 to about 30 to 40 students. To apply for the Extended Master Organization Studies, you will need to be admitted to the Master’s program in Organization Studies

Important dates

Digital Matching Day: May 14, 2020
Deadline for application: May 25, 2020

More information

  • For more information about the application and selection process of the Extended Master Organization Studies and the organizational setup, please have a look at the document Extended Master Organization Studies 2020-2021
  • For master’s students of 2019-2020, the manual is available on the Canvas page.
  • For any questions you may have about the Extended Master’s program, please ask your question by e-mail to the coordinator of the Extended Master Organization Studies Hans van Dijk.