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Mario Schijven

Assistant Professor of Management at Texas A&M University | Alumnus Research Master in Business, specialization Organization & Strategy

"Our schedule wasn’t booked up with all kinds of activities, exams, and the like. Instead, once we had finished our coursework, I feel we had almost complete freedom. That is, we truly had the time to 'live' our research without being distracted by too many other things."

  • Marijke Bos_alumna REMA Economics

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    Our students have stories of their own experiences to share with you. We offer you the chance to contact our Research Master students and ask about their experiences. You are more than welcome to get in touch with our Graduate Office and ask for a (virtual) meeting with the following students.

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  • dr. Zilin He

    Dr. Zilin He

    Graduate Program Coordinator Organization & Strategy

    "TiSEM’s department of Organization and Strategy is a vibrant and internationally diverse department. Its members are drawn from leading universities in North America, Asia and Europe and have a very strong research orientation with a focus on high-quality publications."

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