Program Strategic Management

The program consists of 60 Credits (ECTS), equivalent to 1680 hours of study, offered over four units.

  • The September entrants start the first unit with three compulsory courses and exams in October.
  • The second unit starts at the end of October with compulsory electives and research skills courses. The exams are offered in December and January. In the second and third unit you also make a start with the preparations for your thesis.
  • The third unit runs from January to March.
  • The last unit starts in March/April and ends in June. From April on, you will be able to focus entirely on your Master's Thesis. There is also an option to start in February.


  • Please note: this program offers you the possibility to pursue a dual degree, in collaboration with one of our foreign partner universities.

MSc Strategic Management: track Strategic Consultancy (end of August)

Unit 1: (August - October 2018)

Unit 2: (October - December 2018)

Unit 3: (January - March 2019)

Unit 4: (April - June 2019)

MSc Strategic Management: track Entrepeneurship (end of January)

Unit 1: (January - March 2019)

Unit 2: (April - June 2019)

Unit 3 (August - October 2019)

Unit 4 (October - December 2019)

NEW: Extended Master with a six-month traineeship

Six-month traineeship to add practical experience and professional skills to your degree

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and add practical experience and professional skills to your degree? The Extended Master (EM) is a new, selective program that combines your regular master’s program with a six-month traineeship.

During the traineeship, you work on practical assignments for a company, follow professional skills courses, and receive mentoring. By increasing your professional experience, skills, and network, your chances in the job market are boosted.

Program structure

  • Unit 1: August – October:
    Regular courses
  • Unit 2: October – November:
    Regular courses & application and selection process for the Extended Master
  • Unit 3: January – March:
    Regular courses & first meetings with the company
  • Unit 4 and 5: March – October:
    Traineeship: company assignments, professional courses, and mentoring
  • Unit 6: October – January:
    Completion master’s thesis

Partner organizations

New partner organizations are currently being recruited and the overview will be updated when new partnerships have been agreed upon.

The option to write your Master’s thesis in a company

After completing your traineeship, you have two options for writing your thesis. You can return to the university, or you can write your thesis in the company, building on work that you have done during the internship, or possibly take on a new challenge.

Admission and application Extended Master

The program is available for the following Master’s programs: Economics, Finance, International Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Analytics, Strategic Management, and Supply Chain Management.

  • You can apply for the Extended Master by submitting a motivation letter and resume in unit 2 of the program.
  • After the first selection by TiSEM, the companies make a final selection of the candidates.
  • Exact deadlines and procedures for application in 2017/2018 will follow.

General remarks

Because of the heavy workload in general and the peak loads of Strategic Consultancy in particular, choosing both the Entrepreneurship Track and Strategic Consultancy track is not feasible. Moreover, scheduling conflicts are impossible to prevent.

Aswin van Oijen

Associate Professor Aswin van Oijen about the program

"Strategy fascinates me because it focuses on decisions that can make or break a company."

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