MSc Public Governance

Public Governance (Bestuurskunde): Public Administration, Economics and Law (MSc)

1 year English Starts end of August and end of January

The leaders of today and tomorrow face immense challenges, such as climate change and energy transition, refugee crisis, transnational organized crime and urban inequality. Involving multiple actors and operating at global and local levels, these challenges require innovative solutions. The MSc Public Governance combines public administration, economics and law to lay the foundation for a career in government or the private sector, in the Netherlands or abroad.

core disciplines

combined: Public Administration, Economics and Law

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Program and courses 

Become part of a small-scaled, closely connected and multidisciplinary community of talented students, outstanding scholars, and eminent alumni from all over the world. 

  • Specialize in one of three track and become an expert in this area of governance:
    - Governance of Justice, Security and Risk
    - Governance of Sustainability 
    - Governance for Health, Education, and Welfare
  • Cross boundaries. Adopt a comparative, transnational perspective on public governance, to learn from other cities, regions and countries, or global and European institutions - what works, and why?
  • Put theory into practice. Gain essential experience with tackling complex societal problems by working with 'real life' clients in the Governance Clinic. Obtain expert knowledge and academic skills, but also train (soft) skills like creative thinking, communicating and collaborating, as well as being adaptive and exercising leadership.
  • Team up. Learn to co-create innovative governance solutions with fellow students, leading experts in the field, and key stakeholders, such as citizens, non-state actors, businesses and governments.
  • Benefit from mentoring. You get personal guidance and help from lecturers, as well as tips and tricks from fellow students via the buddy system - to help you learn, grow and develop, beyond merely collecting ECTS's.

Typical courses are:

  • Good Governance 
  • Governance Clinic 
  • Public Entrepreneurship and Strategy

More on the program and courses

  • Ennie Wolters

    Ennie Wolters

    Policy advisor at Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP)

    "This Master's program offers an in-depth, multi-disciplinary view on governance and the public sector using interactive classes and real-life examples, providing you with useful knowledge as well as skills to use in your professional as well as private life."

  • Tom

    Tom Zwijnenburg

    Scrummaster and Projectmanager at Capgemini

    "A variety of different and complex societal issues are introduced in the courses. Although discussing and addressing these issues can be difficult and demanding at times, it surely prepares you for your future career, providing you with the necessary analytical and management skills. You build lasting relationships, and together with students with diverse backgrounds and specializations, you develop unique solutions."

  • Lars

    Lars Casson

    Analyst at ABN AMRO Bank

    "The program helped me develop many necessary soft skills such as networking, teaming, organizing and planning, and it gave me in-depth knowledge of the subjects at hand. Being a more small-scale program than others, I felt noticed and knew that I was not overlooked. In a year where mental health was such a substantial issue (I followed this program in 2020-2021), this was very important!"

Career prospects

As a Master of Science in Public Governance, you are well equipped to analyze complex societal problems from a combined political,  socio-economic, and legal perspective, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. You have learned to devise creative and innovative governance solutions to complex societal problems, in cross-boundary teams and together with key stakeholders. These skills make you eligible for a broad range of professions in the public, private and non-profit sector, such as policy analyst at an international organization such as the OECD, policy advisor at a national ministry, regional authority or city government, strategic consultant at a consultancy firm, or a public affairs manager in a large company. Be the leader of tomorrow and become an active player in shaping the worlds’ future.

Alumni facts Tilburg Law School

  • Average number of months until first paid job: 2.35
  • Gross monthly income of our graduates in the first year: € 3.013,-

Source: National Alumni Survey, 2021 | n = 98

More on your career prospects

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Application and admission

This Master’s program starts:

End of August and end of January.

Best preparatory programs:

A Bachelor’s (= undergraduate) degree in:

  • Public Governance
  • Public Administration
  • Global Law
  • (Public) Economics
  • Global Management of Social Issues
  • Organization Studies
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Policy Sciences
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • a related field with sufficient knowledge of politics, policy, governance, or management, and at least a basic training in social scientific research methods (both qualitative and quantitative).

Pre-Master’s program:

Dutch speaking students can apply for the Dutch-taught Pre-Master’s program. This program is meant for students with a Bachelor’s degree HBO BestuurskundeHBO Integrale Veiligheid, or equivalent.

Tuition fees and scholarships

International students find all information about tuition fees and scholarships here.

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