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Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor's program

University College Tilburg: Liberal Arts and Sciences

As a joint initiative of the five Tilburg University Schools, the Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor's program connects a multitude of perspectives in an open, diverse and supportive community.

Explore and integrate different scientific fields

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor's program lets you explore Tilburg University's major fields first, before you specialize in the field that interests you the most.

  • The first year offers a core curriculum that introduces you to a variety of subjects within different disciplines to discover what academic path you want to pursue.
  • In the second year you specialize with a major in one of five disciplines:
    • Social Sciences: Human Behavior (BSc)
    • Law in an International Context  (BA)
    • Arts and Humanities (BA)
    • Business and Economics (BSc)
    • Cognitive Neuroscience (BSc)
  • In the third year you can compose a minor program from a wide range of options, for example to prepare for a specific Master's program.
  • Many of our students use the minor space to study abroad at one of our 100+ renowned partner universities all over the world.
  • All majors provide access to numerous Master’s programs at Tilburg University and many universities around the world. The degree awarded - Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) - depends on the major you choose.

The interdisciplinary approach is not just a matter of the curriculum

  • Several courses are team-taught, with two lecturers from different fields jointly teaching the course, demonstrating how you can approach a question or issue from different angles right in front of the classroom.
  • In the Transatlantic Perspectives course you’ll follow digital classes together with students of Roosevelt University in Chicago to exchange views on criminal justice and human rights.

Be part of a stimulating, open, and supportive community

  • Small-scale and intensive education as officially acknowledged by The Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). Classes are deliberately kept small to stimulate interactive classroom dynamics. 
  • The program currently has students from 30+ different nationalities.
  • Differences in opinion are respected and embraced as the starting point for interesting exchanges and discussions.
  • Discussion and the exchange of perspectives and experiences does not end when students leave the classroom. On campus, our students have their own Common Room where you can meet to socialize, further discuss course content, work on assignments, etcetera.
  • A very active study association. Extra Muros organizes a wide range of social activities.
  • The doors of our staff members are always open. We help you with exploring your talents and strengths, study planning, setting personal goals, career orientation and choosing a major and minor.
  • Throughout the program guidance, coaching and support are also pro-actively provided. For example, the recently launched Resilience Project aims to combat the stigma connected with failure within academia and society, providing students with tools to deal with failure and adversity.
  • We prepare you for your future with a number of Professional Practice electives, such as an Internship and the Social Innovation Project. The latter allows you to explore your entrepreneurial skills by developing a new initiative that meets a certain need within the local community.

Shared housing facilities (optional)

You live and study in an environment that suits you best!

  • Shared housing facilities are available for first-year students, yet our students very much appreciate that sharing a living accommodation with fellow University College Tilburg students is optional.
  • Newly admitted students receive an e-mail announcing when and how they can apply for a room in the shared accommodation. The available rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Why University College Tilburg: Liberal Arts and Sciences?

  • Explore the major fields Tilburg University has to offer, and specialize in the one that interests you the most

  • Learn to approach challenges from a multitude of perspectives

  • Be part of an open and supportive international community

  • Shared housing facilities (optional)