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Replay the Virtual Open Week Bachelor's and Master's programs: September 30 - October 4

Date: Time: 10:00 Location: Online

Experience our international Bachelor's and Master's programs without having to leave the comfort of your home. Replay the topic-specific online information sessions of this Autumn's Virtual Open Week - including information on studying in Holland, living in Tilburg and studying at Tilburg University.


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Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Communication and Digital Sciences
Culture Studies & Liberal Arts and Sciences (Humanities)
Philosophy & Theology
Law & Public Administration
Social Sciences
Economics, Econometrics, Finance and Accountancy
Data Science
Business, Management, Marketing
HR studies & Organization Studies

What to expect?

The Virtual Open Week offered 20 online information sessions, including live chat and a Q&A. Each session covered a different topic area that we teach, Bachelor's and Master's programs combined. This gives you an idea of the possibilities Tilburg University can offer you. 

  • Sessions started with some general information about the Netherlands, living in Tilburg and studying at Tilburg University. Right after, you learnt more about each topic and our international related-programs, both Bachelor's and Master's. This information can help you decide which study program is the right choice for you.
  • Every topic had two identical information sessions: one in the morning (CET) and one in the afternoon (CET). This allowed you to get the information you need regardless of where you live. 
  • You had the opportunity to ask our students and staff any questions via the live chat. They could answer your questions during the information session or the live Q&A at the end of each session.
  • If you were already acquainted with our programs and is interested in more in-depth information, the live Q&A was the perfect moment to ask more specific questions and get some extra relevant information. During this week, we had a vice dean of education, program directors, education coordinators, lecturers, admissions officers, members of the international team and our students as guests live in the room.  With this combination of students, support and academic staff as guests, you had different perspectives on the same topic and we could cover different subjects and level of questions.

And now?

  • You have the chance to replay the videos with general information and also the topic-specific videos. You just need to click on the buttons at each topic of the above list. Enjoy!
  • If you have the opportunity to come to our campus, there are several possibilities for you.  Just scroll a little bit down, for more information. 
  • Discover our beautiful campus with our 360º Virtual Campus Tour at the bottom of this page. You will be guided around our fantastic green campus and get a real feel of what it is like to walk around on campus.

Would you like to visit our campus in person?

We offer plenty of opportunities for you to come and explore our campus.

During the Bachelor's and Master's Open Days, you can attend information sessions or trial lectures, go for a campus tour and speak directly with admissions officers, students and faculty. Are you interested? Our next Open Days are: 

If you are an international student, you can join one of our drop-by-days on Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at 13:50. The visit usually takes two hours on average, including a general presentation and a campus tour with our Student Ambassadors. 

Take the 360º Virtual Campus Tour

Would you like to explore our campus, but coming to Tilburg is not an option at the moment? Take our 360º Virtual Campus Tour. Get to know Tilburg University by wandering through our campus to get acquainted with places where you will spend a lot of your time during your study in Tilburg. Use the paper clips to go in a specific direction, or the campus map in the top right corner to go inside a specific building. And don't forget to turn on your sound button!