Marianne van Woerkom en Herman de Regt

Listen to the science podcast: Work to live or live to work?

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In Science Quest, the Tilburg University podcast series, scientists seek answers to questions about people and society that concern us all. From war to peace. From climate to your wallet, from care to organization and from big data to dating. Our own experts discuss the newest, funniest, and most talked-about insights from their own research (in Dutch).

1.3 million Dutch people are dealing with burnout symptoms. About one third occasionally call in sick due to work-related stress, and many employees leave because they don't feel valued. All this is happening in a tight job market where employers complain about not finding the right personnel. How can people find happiness in their work? And shouldn't employers also change themselves? Do the countless courses, coaching and training programs help? Or is the idea of being able to shape your career and yourself an illusion?

We discussed this with Professor Marianne van Woerkom, an expert in how organizations can improve the well-being and development of employees, and with philosopher Herman de Regt, who understands the backgrounds of human malleability.

In our segment 'the Walk', we talked with sociologist Tim Reeskens and asked him if Dutch people really do work as hard as compared to other countries in Europe.

This podcast is only available in Dutch.

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Date of publication: 25 March 2024