I am Eric van Luijt and I am a Lecturer in English at Tilburg University Language Center as well as Coordinator of the Scriptorium. I have been active as a teacher of English as Second or Foreign Language for more than a decade and have worked across the globe in this role. I have specialized in teaching English in the context of higher education, focusing on helping students acquire and improve academic skills and increasing their overall proficiency in English. In my free time, I love to travel and I enjoy going for hikes. My current primary goal is to create additional opportunities for students to get support in the writing process at the Scriptorium


My experience in teaching English spans a wide range of ages, proficiency levels and student backgrounds. I currently teach a broad variety of courses at the Language Center, which allows me to stay up-to-date on best practices and new developments in the field of language and skills education. My courses include skills courses for TiSEM, TLS and TSHD. I am also the instructor of several voucher courses at the Language Center, such as Improving Your English to C1 and English for Empirical Research Writing. Furthermore, I am an English instructor in the Academic Pre-Bachelor program, supporting refugee students in achieving admission to higher education in the Netherlands. 

In my teaching, I use a flipped learning approach to ensure students are actively engaged in class. I employ a range of technological tools to further stimulate students' interaction and involvement. 


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