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Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative

The Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative (ELI) is an online extracurricular course for Tilburg University Master's students that provides tools to reflect and plan for an entrepreneurial career. If you have entrepreneurship at the back of your mind, ELI will help you discover if it fits your lifetime goals, talents, and personality. If you are unsure whether entrepreneurship fits your goals, or if you are fit for entrepreneurship, ELI will help you find it out.

What will the Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative teach you?

Through ELI you will learn:

  • Key facts and statistics about entrepreneurship such as founders’ background, risk-return considerations, psychological 'summits and valleys'
  • Relevant career and personal development techniques such as how to build resilience and cope with failure
  • How to prepare for your future entrepreneurial ventures such as building credibility, assembling teams, raising finance

A brief introduction to ELI and its co-founders

How ELI works

ELI gives you access to a truly innovative EdTech experience:

  • It is fully online and modular, meaning you can take it at your own path.
  • It uses a combination of video and audio podcasts, interactive business cases, video lectures, knowledge clips, with some synchronous sessions and more!
  • For those willing, there will also be a chance to meet students from other fields of study, and e-collaborate on some tasks.
  • It is free and it will run between early February and late June 2023.
  • You can earn a 2 ects Edubadge that you can boast on LinkedIn. For this, you need to pass a (very simple) test for each ELI module. 


  • All students enrolled in a Master's program at Tilburg University are invited to apply.
  • You can signal your interest for the next ELI intake via the information link below.
  • We will then notify you once we hold information sessions in blocks 1 and 2 and when we open our Canvas page for enrollment.

Interested in the Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative?

Please leave your details and we will inform you when registration opens.

ELI co-founders

ELI is a creation of Marco Da Rin and Martí Guasch (aka ‘the M&M studios’). Marco & Martî met in Tilburg in 2019, and shared a common vision for an initiative that would give students with a potential interest in entrepreneurship an idea of what going for such a career would require, whether it would suit their goals, and how to prepare for getting there. Their ambition is to make students and young adults ‘literate’ about what entrepreneurship means as a career, bringing them to make wise choices for their future (and for society).  

  • Marco da Rin ELI

    Marco Da Rin


    Marco Da Rin is Associate Professor at the Department of Finance at Tilburg University, where he teaches entrepreneurial finance. He is the co-author of 'Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Finance' and has advised several start-ups.

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  • Marti Guasch ELI

    Martí Guasch


    Martí Guasch is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Accounting, ESADE Business School. He was formerly at Tilburg and is a former entrepreneur.

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