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Program and courses International Business Taxation LLM

Become an expert in business taxation on a global scale, transcending the tax systems of a single country. Apply academic theory to global tax practices and new technologies. Gain the academic and practical skills necessary to be employed in multinational organizations.

Program structure

This one-year program consists of 60 credits (ECTS):

  • 5 core courses (30 ECTS)
  • 2 elective courses (12 ECTS) 
  • Master’s thesis (18 ECTS)

Program content

Online or on-campus education

This Master's program offers online and on-campus education.

  • At the beginning of the program, you choose whether you want to attend classes online or on campus. After the start of the program, you can not switch between online and on campus education anymore.
  • Education is organized with tools and on the basis of methodologies that guarantee an integrated participation of students on campus and students who participate online. Live attendance during classes fosters the community of online and on campus students.
  • Exams will be organized exclusively online
  • Classes and exams will be scheduled according to the Central European Time zone. 
  • We offer recordings of classes 10 days before the exams.


  • The three elective courses 'Seminar Taxation', 'Corporate Sustainability' and 'Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation' are exclusively organized on campus (including the exams).  There are no recordings available of these courses for exams.
  • The pre-Master’s programs are only offered on campus

If you apply for the Master International Business Taxation, you will receive more information about the online and on campus option after you have been (conditionally) admitted. 

Core courses

The program consists of the following five core tax courses:

Fall semester (end of August – January)

  • Business Taxation
  • Transfer pricing 
  • Corporate Tax Structures
  • Value Added Tax in Cross-Border Situations

Spring semester (end of January – June)

  • International and European Taxation
  • Master's thesis
Elective courses

Fall semester (end of August – January)

  • International Business Law: Contracts and Governance
  • EUCOTAX Wintercourse
  • Seminar Taxation*

Spring semester (end of January – June)

  • International Company Law (IBT)
  • Tax and Technology (TiU)
  • Corporate Sustainability*
  • Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation*
  • EUCOTAX Wintercourse

*This course is only for students with an appropriate background in economics-related matters, in light of the specific contents of the course and also on the basis of the specific formal requirements indicated for the course. These courses and exams will be organized exclusively on campus, there will be no recordings available  for the exams. 

Master's thesis

The main objective of the Master's thesis (18 ECTS) is the production of a fully-fledged thesis on a particular topic. This entails a number of research and writing tasks and also includes the oral defense of the thesis after it is finalized.

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Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

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Short overview of International Business Taxation

  • Open to both students with a background in law and with a background in economics. It combines elements of taxation, accounting and business law.
  • Focus on the functioning and structure of taxation worldwide, both from a private and public perspective.
  • Although no background in taxation is required, the program guarantees the development of a high profile as a tax expert.  
  • Powerful combination of academic theory and application in global tax practices, in future-oriented courses such as Transfer Pricing and Tax & Technology. You will have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in any tax jurisdiction. 

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