Hewald Jongenelis

Hearing (the four senses) (1994, mixed media)
Cobbenhagen Building

Hewald Jongenelis - Het gehoor (de vier zintuigen) (1994, mixed media)

On the institution's 65th anniversary in 1993, four artists were asked to create a work with the subject of one of the four senses. These are generally understood to mean the sense of sight, hearing, smell, and taste. The works were intended for the graduation halls in the Cobbenhagen Building, but have gradually become scattered.

In CZ113 Hewald Jongenelis (1962) made an installation with birds and objects that are related to hearing. For example, there are two birds on a broomstick entitled Llistening Finches and a birdhouse called Ding Dong because it can be used to make the sound of a doorbell. In the lecture hall, Jongenelis also set up a jukebox with the enigmatic name Burgers Spareparts Wallpiece, and there is a painting by his hand with the somewhat enigmatic title Mending with Birds (in the meaning of “bringing back to life”).

Jongenelis is a graphic artist, photographer, painter, and installation artist who studied at the Academie voor Beeldende vorming in Tilburg and de Ateliers in Haarlem. In 1993, he won the Prix de Rome and, in 2000, he designed the Millennium Change commemorative coin for the Ministry of Finance. He often collaborates with artist Sylvie Zijlmans and has exhibited with her in the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam and the Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen, among other places.

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