Zr. Jesualda Kwanten

Queen Beatrix (1986, bronze)
Cobbenhagen Building

Zuster Jesualda Kwanten - Koningin Beatrix (1986)

Sister Jesualda (1901-2001) entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity in 1929. She had obtained the teaching certificate in drawing at the Instituut Opleiding tot Tekenleraren in Amsterdam. After her novitiate, she taught drawing and art history at the Pius Middelbare Meisjesschool (secondary school for girls) in Amsterdam.

After thirty years of teaching, she took lessons herself: first drawing, at the Rijksacademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam, where she later took the sculpture course. From 1966, she had a studio in Tilburg, where she became known for her bronze sculptures, including those of Queen Beatrix—the statue that is in the possession of the university—and Queen Juliana. She also immortalized the cabaret artist Toon Hermans, the actors Mary Dresselhuys and Henk van Ulsen, the writer Anton van Duinkerken, and Bishop Joannes Zwijsen, among others. The latter is portrayed in a statue that is situated near the Heikese Church in Tilburg.

The university has a statue of Queen Beatrix, in part because of the institution's good relationship with the royal family. For example, the first building on campus was opened in 1962 by Queen Juliana. The central entrance of the Cobbenhagen Building is often called the queen's entrance. The connection can be traced back to the presence of King Willem II, who had a country residence in Tilburg and had a palace built, in which part of the town hall is now located.

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