Peter van Tilburg

Zin en Tegenzin (Sense and Aversion) (1992, steel)
Patio Cobbenhagen Building

Peter van Tilburg

On the far south side of the campus, adjacent to the patio of the Cobbenhagen Building's coffee room, you can find a steel sculpture by Peter van Tilburg. At the time, this artist was an employee of the university and drew the winning design as part of a competition to celebrate the institution's 65th anniversary. The title is related to the discussion about meaning and identity, which was held at the university for a long time during that period.

The sculpture is made of colored sheet steel and made especially for the campus. The work is a good example of the large spatial constructions that Van Tilburg often makes for public spaces. His sculptures refer to the environment, to nature, to architecture, to that which presents itself in a specific place.

He himself says: "Simultaneously, a sculpture must both have enough power to be itself in the environment and give meaning to the space. My sculptures are allowed to demand attention and that includes color; they can serve as landmarks."

Peter van Tilburg (b. Rotterdam, 1946) studied at Artibus in Utrecht for a year in 1966 before studying cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He is not only a sculptor but also skilled as a graphic artist and painter. In 2021, a book was published with texts by Emmanuel Naaijkens and watercolors Peter van Tilburg made in the surroundings of Hilvarenbeek, his hometown.

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