Bijzondere collecties  - Brabant Meijerij

Special Collections

The University Library (UL) has a number of special collections, including beautiful and interesting manuscripts and old prints. The University Library has approximately 32,000 titles of old prints (from before 1801), including a Blaeu atlas and several works by Desiderius Erasmus.

A large part of the special collections came to the university together with Tilburg University’s former Theologische Faculteit (1967-2005). For example, the collection of the [Capuchin Fathers] including their collection of manuscripts, incunabula, and preciosa ended up in the UL, as did the collection of the former Major Seminary in [Haaren] which also includes a collection of publications in fields such as sociology, history, and anthropology.

The special collections also include an important selection from the former library of the Augustinian Institute in Eindhoven, with translations of the works of philosopher and church father Augustine (354-430), commentaries, biographies, etc. Also special are more recent collections, such as the Charles Dickens Collection of writer Godfried Bomans, the library collection of the former Catholic Film Action and a collection of children's books (18th, 19th, and 20th centuries) from the Buijnsters-Smets couple.

More about history and academic heritage

The Tilburg University academic heritage is a very diverse set of archives, visual materials, collections, devices, recorded stories, et cetera that relate to the history of the university.