Tilburg University Gender and Diversity

Equality through transparency and neutrality

Transparent and inclusive procedures are crucial for accurate decision making in recruitment and promotion. The Gender & Diversity Roadmap describes ten steps in which gender aspects and gender bias are taken into account. Furthermore, it offers a toolkit for structured interviews and a toolkit to systemize promotion procedures.

Two trainings are developed with regards to inflow and through-flow:

Recruitment Process training

In order to successfully implement neutral and gender equalitarian procedures for optimal and fair decision making in recruitment and promotion, Recruitment Process training is developed and offered to HR and members of selection committees. Transparent processes help to prevent bias.

Gender & Diversity Expert training

Best practices show positive influence of a gender authority / expert within selection committees, for instance an involved dean or professor. The expert pays attention to equal treatment of candidates, addresses bias and stereotyping, or even unacceptable behavior. The training focuses on gender and diversity mechanisms and on how to deal with resistance.