Wat te doen in geval van nood?

Emergency Assistance

What to do in case of an emergency?

How to report an emergency on campus?

Call security via emergency number (013-466) 2525 and report briefly and clearly:

  • Name and work address
  • Phone number
  • What has happened
  • Where it happened and if there are any casualties.

In case of fire, also press the hand fire alarm. This report always arrives at the Security of building V and from there a signal goes to the fire department.

What to do if the Slow-whoop signal goes off?

  • Stay calm, follow the instructions of the FAFS officers (recognizable by their vests) and leave the building.
  • Follow the indicated escape route.
  • Go to the assembly point and await further instructions.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Make sure that the visitors also leave the building. 

Directly to:

Security Department

If it is not an emergency case, please contact the Security Department in the Vigilant Building.

Information for FAFS officers

There is a page on intranet for the university's in-house emergency responders (FAFS) and first responders with additional information.

Go to the intranet page for FAFS officers