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IT matters

How to set up your WiFi connection, or how to set up a secure connection to the Tilburg University network so that you can work safely at home? Where to go with questions about your e-mail or educational applications? We are offering modern IT support to help you succeed in your studies.

IT facilities

Print and copy

There are over 90 multi functional printers (MFP) on campus. With these printers you can print, copy or scan documents in black and white or color. You can send a print job from a student desktop, your own notebook on campus and from your own notebook/PC off campus.

Read more about printing, copying and scanning  


All students get a Tilburg University e-mail address ending on All e-mails from the university will be send to your official Tilburg University e-mail address.

Check your e-mail

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Microsoft 365: online collaboration platform

Microsoft 365 is a collaborative platform for students at Tilburg University. You will be able to collaborate more easily with fellow students and/or staff at Tilburg University when you have various up-to-date applications and facilities at your disposal.

Check the webpage on Microsoft 365

Google Apps

Google Apps is the e-mail and collaboration platform for students at Tilburg University. For easy collaboration with our university’s school and staff, all employees are provided with a Google Apps @ Tilburg University account as well.

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Wi-Fi network eduroam

To connect to the Wi-Fi network eduroam you can use your Tilburg University username and password. Do you have questions on wireless access? Or do you want to know how to install Wi-Fi on your phone?

Check the Wi-Fi webpage

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to give access via the Internet to services and servers that are not freely accessible via the public Internet, such as when off-campus, send print jobs to one of the printer/copiers on the campus

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Software and hardware

All student PCs are installed with Windows. The standard software on the PCs is:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Reader
  • Anti-virussoftware

Software on student PCs

Do you want to check which software has been installed on the student desktops? Go to  Start > All programs. Or contact IT Support

Support and manuals

Check manuals or do you have questions? Check de SelfServicePortal IT

Purchasing soft- and hardware with a discount

Our university has made an agreement with SURFspot so you can order software, cloud services and hardware with a discount. Check


Canvas is the digital learning environment with courses. A Canvas course may consist of announcements, documents, exercises, assessments etc. It provides you, through Single Sign-On, with as many important study applications and information resources as possible.

Want to know more about Canvas? 

Check the frequently asked questions on the Self Service Portal.

Directly to Canvas

University account: username and password

You can access a large number of Tilburg University applications with the credentials from your university account. Want to know more or do you have questions?

Check the self service university account

IT security

Be safe online

One of our most important responsibilities is keeping Tilburg University’s data safe and secure. We implement and maintain measures to effectively address potential weaknesses and breaches in our systems. Tilburg University believes that information security is everyone’s responsibility. Please check the webpage on online security tips.

Computer Emergency Response Team

The CERT-team (Computer Emergency Response Team) contributes to a proper IT-security on-campus. CERT operates in security incidents which disturb services to such a degree, that quick and effective action is necessary for reducing damage to computers and/or networks and to restore services. Check the CERT website. 

Audiovisual Services

AV Services provides audiovisual services for students. For example taking care of audiovisual aspects during events, videoconferencing and lending out AV equipment such as microphones and cameras.

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Modern IT facilities for students

SQL, R and Python?

Learn to program in a user-friendly way, free of charge, and without any prior knowledge.

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