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IT matters

How to set up your WiFi connection, or how to set up a secure connection to the Tilburg University network so that you can work safely at home? Where to go with questions about your e-mail or educational applications? We are offering modern IT support to help you succeed in your studies.

IT facilities

Print and copy
Google Apps
Wi-Fi network eduroam
VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Library Access extension
Software and hardware
University account: username and password
IT security
Audiovisual support
Using the computer network

On-campus Study Places

In order to make studying as pleasant as possible, different kinds of study places are available.

  • Silent study places
  • Individual study places (with or without PC)
  • Group study places
Check the study places
Modern IT facilities for students

SQL, R and Python?

Learn to program in a user-friendly way, free of charge, and without any prior knowledge.

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