Bachelor Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

After your BSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

After finishing your Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, the world is your oyster. Some of you will have started a business or seek employment, while most will opt to pursue a Master's degree. For example, you could continue your personal and professional development through any of these Tilburg University programs:

Master's programs

The Bachelor's program in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation gives you access to the following Master's programs at Tilburg University:

Of course your degree will also give you access to Master's programs at other universities in the Netherlands, and universities around the world.

Career Prospects

A part of our graduates will start their own business as an entrepreneur. The Netherlands is a great destination for entrepreneurs to start up a company.  As one of the top 5 innovation leaders in Europe, the Netherlands is home to a vibrant, collaborative startup ecosystem.

Other graduates will become a driving force of change in an existing company or corporation, for example as innovation manager, business development manager, product developer or consultant.

Are you...

  • A creative thinker and doer?

  • Ready for entrepreneurship?

  • Willing to make a positive contribution to economic growth, society or the environment?

Then Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation is the program for you!