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FAQ Online Bachelor Information Days

During the Q&A several questions were answered. On this page you can read the answers to frequently asked questions.

General questions about Tilburg University

Can I take a virtual tour of the campus?
Is there a university library where you can study?
Can I get advice / help during my studies?
Is it usual to have a part time job next to your studies?
Are there active study associations and student associations in Tilburg?
Does Tilburg University offer language courses?
Does Tilburg University have a student sports center?

General questions about study programs

Where can I find more information about a specific program?
Can I get a brochure with more information?
I have another question, where can I ask it?
Are the lectures recorded?
In addition to substantive knowledge, do you also acquire skills?
Which courses are taught in the study program I'm considering?

Questions about application and admission

Do I have to prove my English proficiency when I apply to the university?
Do I have to prove my Maths proficiency when I apply to the university?
What are the application requirements?
What are the application deadlines?
My application is affected by the coronavirus. Where can I find more information?
Does Tilburg University have an application fee?

Questions about tuition fees and scholarships

What is the amount of tuition fee at Tilburg University?
Are there any scholarships available?

Practical questions about the start of your program

Does Tilburg University help with housing?
What are the consequences of the corona-related measures for my application and the start of my education in the upcoming academic year?
What does the start of the first year look like?