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Study and student organizations

We believe in making your study experience as dynamic and fun as possible. Thanks to our study associations and student organizations, you will be able to take your student life to a whole new level completely tailored to your interests. Meeting like-minded new students and making new friends has never been easier! Become Tilburg University’s next star athlete, join a fraternity/sorority, help your teammates win debate competitions, show off your art and music skills, or philosophically enlighten your peers.

Study associations

from various Schools

Student sports associations

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Study associations (per School)

Tilburg School of Economics and Management

If you are studying Economics and Management at Tilburg University, Asset is the association for you. Asset organizes fun social events, offers study support, and organizes career events such as the Economic Business Weeks, Asset Inhouse Days, and the Business Night.

Asset consists of seven specialized departments that offer activities for specific studies:

  • Asset | Accounting & Finance is for students interested in accountancy, controlling, finance and / or investment theory.
  • Asset | Econometrics serves the bachelor in Econometrics and the Master's programs in Business Analytics and Operations Research,  Econometrics and Mathematical Economics and Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science.
  • Asset | Economics serves students interested in Economics and/or students in the bachelor’s programs Economics, Economics and Business Administration and the master’s program Economics.
  • Asset | Bedrijfseconomie for all students Bedrijfseconomie (Dutch taught program).
  • Asset | International Business & Manangement serves the students of the bachelor study program International Business Administration and the master study program International Management.
  • Asset | Marketing is for all students interested in Marketing, Marketing Research and Communication.
  • Asset | SBIT serves the Bachelor’s students with an interest in economics or IT and the (pre-)Master’s students of Information Management.
  • Asset | Strategy & Logistics is for students interested in the field of strategy, logistics, entrepreneurship and / or innovation.
  • MAK is a Mentorship Program focused on students from any program of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management and gives new students the opportunity to learn about student life through a likeminded mentor.
  • T.F.V. De Smeetskring is the study association for students studying fiscal economics, tax law and international business taxation. Besides study-related events, social activities are also organized.

Tilburg Law School

The Tilburg Law School has several study associations which focus on legal topics and provide the perfect environment to learn in a fun and dynamic way. You’ll have the opportunity to go on several trips, join networking events, and even contribute legal articles to their quarterly magazines. Find out more about these associations below: 

  • Magister JFT is the study association where every student from TLS has a place. We organize study-related activities in the fields of Dutch law, corporate law, public administration, law & technology and global law. Interested in participation? Then ‘Vrijspraak’ might be something for you. In addition to study-related activities, we also organize social activities.
  • Ready to put your law skills into action? De Rechtswinkel or Legal Shop is a volunteer organization you can join that provides free legal assistance to those who need it but are not capable of paying for it.
  • T.F.V. De Smeetskring is the study association for students studying fiscal economics, tax law and international business taxation. Besides study-related events, social activities are also organized.
  • ELSA Tilburg  is part of the European Law Students’ Association: a study association for law students that operates throughout Europe. They organise academic-related events that will help you develop your legal skills, moot courts competitions to put these skills into practice, and various seminars and conferences to explore the world of law outside of your studies. Furthermore, they provide you with exciting networking events, social meetings and professional opportunities throughout Europe. Interested? Sign up on their website and benefit from membership deals as well!
  • De Vierschaar is the study association for legal history and welcomes both students and teachers. This association covers all aspects of legal history. 
  • The Tilburg Law Review is a quarterly legal magazine.. If you have a passion for writing about legal topics, then this could be the place for you! Editors include students and teachers of Tilburg Law School.

    Study Association Data Science students

  • D.S.A. Pattern is the study association for all Data Science students at Tilburg University, TU Eindhoven and Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS). Their three focus pillars are Social Cohesion, Educational Support, and Career Development.

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Every Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences program has its own study association. These associations are managed entirely by students and focus on making student life more dynamic, vibrant (get-togethers, parties, study tours, etc.) and challenging (symposia, congresses, etc.). Are you interested? You can visit the websites of the student associations for more information below:

  • Complex (Psychology) contributes to student life by organizing both study related events as well as fun and relaxing activities.
  • SPS-NIP (Psychology) Focusses on study- and labour market orientation for Psychology students by organizing activities like workshops, trainings and lectures.
  • Input (Human Resource Studies) serves bachelor and master HR students by organizing social activities as well as providing various learning opportunities.
  • Polis (Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues) serves the students of both studies and brings them together in fun learning and socializing environments.
  • Versot (Sociology) focuses on Sociology students, organizes study related and relaxing activities which allows them to interact with people with similar interests in an environment outside of the classroom.
  • IDEA Tilburg is the umbrella association of all TSB-associations (Complex, INPUT, POLIS, Versot and SPS-NIP). You can contact IDEA when you want to reach out to certain TSB students but when you are unsure who to contact.

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

Are you (or will you be) studying at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences? Besides the interesting and captivating study programs you can also join one of their five study associations. These associations organize study-related events such as master classes on ground breaking topics and networking events. They also organize fun parties where you can get to know fellow students in a more relaxed and informal environment. Find the one that best suits you below: 

  • Animo (Culture Studies) is a study association focused on Online Culture that organizes both formal and informal events (such as city trips) for their members. They provide discounts on study books as well as helpful guidance throughout your studies. 
  • Extra Muros (Liberal Arts & Sciences)  is the study association of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at University College Tilburg. Extra Muros aims at allowing students to explore life outside of the walls of the university. They organize events such as Gala Nights, monthly drinks, cultural activities and a study trip abroad. 
  • Flow Flow (Communication and Information Sciences, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Society) is the study association for bachelor and master students from the programs Communication and Information Science, Cognitive Sciences & Artificial Intelligence and Data Science & Society. They support students on an educational, professional and social level. They do this by offering free summaries for members and organizing writing marathons, company visits, monthly drinks, a study trip and much more!  
  • Sapientia Ludenda (Philosopy) or 'Sapi' for short, is the Philosophy study association. Their motto, the expression 'Sapientia Ludenda' translates to 'the wisdom that must play.' They organize lectures and other activities with diverse topics and speakers, and promise fun and educational evenings. 
  • Enigma is driven by two simple, yet fundamental, principles: community and inspiration. We organize a variety of social and educational events to help our members learn, grow, and connect with others who share their passion for the fields of Cognitive Science and AI. From workshops and guest lectures to hackathons and research presentations, we offer endless opportunities for personal and professional development. Come join our vibrant community of learners and innovators and unlock your full potential to become the change you want to see in the world!

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

The students of Tilburg School of Catholic Theology are welcome to join Ad Interim, the study association with a focus on theology. They are located in Utrecht, and are a partnership between the Fontys University of Theology Philosophy of Life and the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology. They organize fun study trips and other events to bring students together in formal and informal environments. 

Umbrella organization 

TiGeAk is the umbrella organization for all (study) associations connected to Tilburg University. We take care of your interests and make sure your remarks about all university related issues are heard. 

Student associations

​​​​​Interest in expanding your student life outside of your study? Student Associations focus on bringing students together regardless of their study program choices. Instead, they focus on bringing together like-minded people and asking them to join their ever-growing families. Some of these associations are sororities/fraternities, while others focus on exchange and international students. Get to know our student associations below, or come meet them during TOP week!

  • ESN Tilburg (short for International Exchange Student Network) is a student association which focuses on making international as well as exchange students feel welcome at their home away from home. They also welcome Dutch internationally minded students. ESN organizes activities such as city trips, and hosts parties at their very own bar in the city center, “Carpe Noctem.” 
    Watch the introduction video of ESN Tilburg  
  • St. Olof is one of the largest and most active student associations of Tilburg. They organize a wide range of activities throughout the year in the fields of sports, culture, music, and relaxation. It is also possible to live in one of their student accommodations in the city center in order to be fully immersed in their student life. 
    Watch the introduction video of St. Olof
  • T.S.R. Vidar is the Tilburg Rowing student association, founded in 1961. It has its very own complex in the outskirts of Tilburg, where those who are passionate about rowing can train together and enjoy a drink after practice. They are very proud of their athletes, with some even reaching Olympic level!. They organize many events such as tournaments and parties. 
    Watch the introduction video of T.S.V. Vidar
  • T.S.V. Plato is the youngest and also the largest student association in Tilburg. With so many members, everyone can find their place within the association. Plato's core values are openness, diversity and equality. This is reflected in everything, as freshmen you are most welcome and your vote counts immediately! Because Plato has no obligations, you can make it as busy as you want! For example, you can become a member of committees, a year club and / or societies. We also organize many events, trips and parties. 
    Watch the introduction video of T.S.V. Plato
Student sport associations

In the Netherlands, and also at our very own Tilburg University Sports Center, sports practices and competitions are organized by sports associations and federations. Our sports associations are mostly student run, and provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet new people who share the same passion in sports as you. You can choose from over twenty sports and become a member, as well as join their committees. With your new sports association you will be able to participate in competitions and in many other social activities.

Get to know our Sports Associations

The Federation of Student Sports Tilburg represents the interests of all Sports Pass holders.

Cultural associations

Here at Tilburg University you will find several different cultural associations which focus on the arts, including theater and music. By joining these associations you will be able to develop and show off your talents surrounded by like-minded students, meet new people, and make friends. Besides organizing occasional shows, many of these associations also organize social events that you are welcome to join. Get to know our cultural associations below, and get in touch! 

  • Debating Club Cicero is one of Tilburg’s biggest and most active debating associations. They are open to all students of Tilburg, connecting like-minded students with a passion for the art of debate. They offer workshops, training, social events, trips, and much more!
  • Music Club Fortissimo is Tilburg University’s music association.
    Their goal is to offer all students at Tilburg University the opportunity to grow as a musician and bring musically inclined students together. The association includes an orchestra that is accessible to students, which has weekly rehearsals. They welcome suggestions from members, allowing the orchestra to cover a variety of genres.
  • TSDV Dance Nation is the first dance association for Tilburg University students, founded in July 2011. DanceNation has a wide range of various dance styles; from Classical and Jazz dance to HipHop! A great (student) life with lots of dancing starts here! They organize various activities such as drinks, member weekend and dance workshops. But above all: lots of dancing together!
  • Pop Choir Epic is the student pop choir association of Tilburg. They focus mainly on the pop genre, but sometimes take on gospel and musical pieces, accompanied by the piano. They are made up mainly of students from the Tilburg area, and hold rehearsals ever Wednesday in the Blackbox of Esplanade Building. 
  • Rataplan  (improvisation theater) is Tilburg’s very own improvisation theater association. The actors who join this association focus on theater without a script and hold performances and competitions across the country. Every month, they have a competition in the Blackbox of Esplanade Building. 
Organizations related to entrepreneurship, internships and work

Tilburg University has a number of organizations focused on work and internship mediation. These organizations will help you to develop your entrepreneural mind set, find an internship, or even help you to find a job after your study. They do this through a series of social events (including networking opportunities), trainings, information sessions, and counseling. Look through our list of organizations and find the one that best suits you:

    AIESEC is more than an exchange organization! We offer youth the opportunity to develop their leadership through practical and challenging experiences of either volunteering or internships abroad. With our wide variety of projects in more than 100 countries, there will always be something suitable to your wishes. Furthermore, we will support you throughout the whole process. 
  • Academic Businessclub 
  • Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT)
    EBT has been supporting students in their career orientation for over 20 years. In collaboration with Tilburg University and study association Asset | Tilburg, we are able to organize presentations, workshops and many more activities provided by over 80 companies!
  • Enactus Tilburg: Enactus Tilburg is part of the worldwide Enactus organisation. Our mission is to give students the means to start and manage businesses that not only turn a profit, but also positively impact society and/or the environment; in other words, enabling students to partake in social entrepreneurship.
  • Integrand: was founded with the aim of making the transition to business easier for academic students. Since then, Integrand has been bridging the gap between students and the business community. Integrand strives to be the most professional student network in the Netherlands. We achieve this by connecting the ambitions of academic students and companies in a personal and accessible way. We encourage students by offering various opportunities to develop themselves in preparation for their career. What we offer: board year, graduation internships, internships, academic side jobs, career events and training.
  • Unipartners Tilburg: at UniPartners you will find the ideal side job next to your studies. As a student consultant at UniPartners, you work on projects for companies in the Tilburg region that match your studies. For you this is the ideal way to gain work experience in your field, for the company the solution to issues for which they do not have the knowledge or time.
  • Kweek Communicatie
Associations related to student participation

Tilburg University is very proud of its University Council, and we encourage you to join and participate in university policy and decision-making! The University Council represents both students and staff.

Students who join the council, first become members of either Party SAM or Fractie Front. If you have ever been at our campus during the month of April, it is very likely that you have encountered representatives asking for your vote, proudly wearing Blue or Green.

If you are interested in politics, or would simply like to help bring positive change to our university, find out more about our council parties and get in touch!

Read more on student participation at Tilburg University

Tilburg city

The Tilburg City Council's also has an official advisory body on student affairs. Visit www.studentenraadtilburg.nl for more information. 

Student union

F.U.S.T. (Federal Union Students Tilburg) is a student union dedicated to ensuring high quality of education while also focusing on improving students well-being. They are focused on ensuring that Tilburg is a student friendly city through representing, informing and supporting all students and all associations in the municipality.

International associations

At Tilburg University we like to make sure that all our international students feel as welcome as possible! Here, you can find a list of all the associations which have an international focus. As an international student you are always welcome to join any of the associations of our university that suit your interests, but for your convenience here are our best international associations: 

  • AEGEE: AEGEE-Tilburg is the international association in Tilburg for the travel-minded students. Present in 160 cities all over Europe we offer students in Tilburg the chance to travel and meet students internationally. AEGEE-Tilburg organizes local activities, such as monthly social drinks, and international events, such as trips to European cities. AEGEE-Tilburg consists of both Dutch and international students. It is a great way to experience a combination of parties, workshops and travelling in a family like environment.
  • ASAT is an international organization committed to 'unity in diversity' while recognizing all members of African heritage and everyone interested in African culture. They aim to foster a sense of community among their members in Tilburg and the Netherlands. ASAT is committed to providing integration opportunities for our members socially, academically, and professionally.
  • ESN Tilburg
  • STAI (Studentgroup Tilburg Amnesty International)
  • Tilburg Model United Nations 
    Tilburg Model United Nations (TMUN) is an interactive, interdisciplinary simulation that places students who aim to learn more about current global issues, diplomacy and international relations, in the role of United Nations delegates.
Religious associations

Interested in joining an association with a religious focus? At Tilburg University we have four religious associations you can join to meet like-minded people and practice your faith: 

  • Emèt Qenee (C.S.F.R.) is a Christian student association based in Eindhoven and Tilburg. They organize activities such as Bible Studies and study circles. They also organize lectures where speakers present interesting topics, and meet regularly for social drinks and weekend breaks. 
  • Muslim Students Association(MSA) is an association that aims to provide networking, educational, and empowerment opportunities for (Muslim) students in Tilburg. The MSA strives to represent Muslim students on campus and their focus is to help students develop at Islamic and academic level. Their mission is to educate and empower Muslim students of today to be citizens of the world of tomorrow. They organize multiple interesting activities and events where you can meet other members.
  • Navigators Tilburg is a Christian student association with the motto: "Bible and Beer." It is an open, active and diverse student association that strives to enrich the student life of its members and to welcome both believers and non-believers. They come together every Wednesday evening with activities ranging from Bible circles, theme nights and with drinks every week.
  • Via Fidei is a Christian student association located in Tilburg. Via Fidei is Latin for "the way of faith.". As Christian students, they encourage and support each other in the path of faith. They are an interdenominational association which means that whatever church you are in, you can join them. Even if you are not affiliated with a church at all. They meet every week for fun activities as well as focused Bible studies. 
Voluntary organizations
    AIESEC is more than an exchange organization! We offer youth the opportunity to develop their leadership through practical and challenging experiences of either volunteering or internships abroad. With our wide variety of projects in more than 100 countries, there will always be something suitable to your wishes. Furthermore, we will support you throughout the whole process. 
  • Red Cross 
    Do you like to roll up your sleeves for someone else? Do you want to make the world a little more beautiful? And take action in need? We can really use your help! Follow your heart, become a volunteer.
  • Serve the City Tilburg is a student volunteer organization founded in 2010 with the belief that we as an organization can make a difference in Tilburg. Our organization consists solely of students who all want to contribute to making the city a better place. We organize volunteer projects for different target groups which you as a student can participate in. Many students want to help others, but simply do not know where to start. We give these students the opportunity to volunteer by organizing various activities. Serve the City Tilburg has seven different committees, each dedicated to a different target group. Serve the Kids is for children who live in poverty and Serve the Brave is for people with a mental or physical disability or chronic illness. Want to become a volunteer or want to know more about Serve the City Tilburg? Please take a look at our website www.stctilburg.nl.
  • Unicef student team Tilburg
    The Unicef student team Tilburg consists of students from all over the world. These students volunteer their time for Unicef's goal of creating a safe environment for children and protecting them from violence, abuse and exploitation.
Diversity & inclusion
  • Umbrella Association 
    This is the student association dedicated to queer students. We focus on creating a safe environment where everyone can express themselves freely and make new connections. We aim to create queer safe and friendly events which range from recreational to educational. Our events and our community is open to everyone, regardless of their sexuality and gender identity.
Other associations

Here are some other associations you might be interested in and are worth knowing when you join Tilburg University: 

  • TOP Week (Tilburg Orientation Program)
    TOP Week is the introduction week for all new students who will be studying at Tilburg University. TOP Week is organized by the Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) Foundation. The Foundation is run by the TOP Board, consisting of seven enthusiastic students who work one whole year to realize an awesome introduction week for new students in Tilburg.
  • TUC (Tilburg University Cantus)
  • We Activate Tilburg
    We Activate Tilburg offers you an of all the associations en possibilities within Tilburg. The committee members of We Activate Tilburg are more than happy to tell about their own experiences within the student life in Tilburg so feel free to contact us!

International students

Most associations are more than happy to welcome international students. Simply check directly with an association if you are unsure whether you can join. Are you ready to meet your new friends for life? Tilburg University study associations and student organizations are looking forward to hearing from you!