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All institutional fees are subject to changes in legislation, which may require adjustments.


All institutional fees are subject to changes in legislation, which may require adjustments.

Please note that after the above rates were set in February 2021, the Minister announced the National Education Program, which includes a 50% reduction in the statutory rate in 2021-22. 

This means that the statutory rate for 2021-22 is € 1,084, and all rates derived from it are reduced proportionally.  All institutional rates will be reduced by € 1,084.

This is only for academic year 2021-22, so, including students starting in February 2022, up until August 2022.

The exact changes are included in the Tilburg University Education Service document. The Tilburg University Education Service Document prevails over the 2021-22 Registration and Tuition Fee Regulations above.

Half tuition fees for first-year Bachelor's students

Students who pay the statutory fee and start a Bachelor's program in higher education for the first time in September 2022 will pay €1,104.50 for the first twelve consecutive months.

Please note: this only applies during the first 12 months after your first enrollment. If you end your program halfway through and switch to another program in September 2023, the first 12 months are over and you pay the full amount as of September 2023.

This does also apply for the first enrollment in an academic teacher program (master).

More information is available on the Dutch Government website.

Flexible Studying pilot

Under certain conditions student entrepreneurs, informal careers, students with a chronical illness and student athletes who pay the statutory fee, are eligible for the pilot project on Flexible Studying. For a program of a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 42 EC, they pay a part of the statutory fee, depending of the number of credits chosen, plus an administrative fee of 15%.

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