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Program and courses Information Management

Strategically apply IT to fundamentally change an enterprise and enable a company to achieve its strategic, tactical, and operational goals.

Program structure

This one-year program consists of 60 credits (ECTS):

  • 4 core courses (24 ECTS)
  • 3 elective courses (18 ECTS)
  • Master’s thesis / internship (18 ECTS)

You can start in either the fall or the spring. The fall semester runs from the end of August to January. The spring semester runs from the end of January to June.

Program content

Core courses

You will follow these four mandatory courses (24 ECTS):

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • IT Governance and Strategic Sourcing
  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Architecture as a Business Strategy

Not mandatory, but highly recommended:

Career Development Information Management

Elective courses

You can choose three electives from this list (18 ECTS):

  • Advanced Data Management
  • Business Analytics and Emerging Trends
  • Service Oriented Enterprise
  • Project Management: People and Technology
  • Digital Platforms
  • Business Process Integration
  • Data-driven Design Approaches in SCM
  • Interactive Data Transformation
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation
Master's thesis

In the fourth unit (second unit for February entrants) you will write your Master's thesis (18 ECTS).

Combine your thesis with an internship in an internationally operating company, focusing on a topic related to the business of this company. This internship could be anywhere in the world and gives you fast track career opportunities.

Examples of thesis subjects are:

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You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

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Make the most of your Master's

In the first semester of the regular program, ambitious students can apply for the following additional advanced programs:

Extended Master's Program: traineeship (+0.5 years)

Short overview of the Extended Master's Program

During your traineeship, you work on practical assignments for a company, follow professional skills courses, and receive mentoring and guidance. By increasing your professional experience, skills, and network like this, you seriously boost your chances in the job market.

  • If selected, you will fulfill your traineeship from April to October. On average, you will work four days at the company, and attend skills training once a week at Tilburg University. In addition to this, company visits will be organized in the Extended Master's Program network.
  • If both you and the company are happy with the results, you are welcome to extend the traineeship by writing your Master's thesis at the company. Your research topic then needs to be approved by the Tilburg University thesis coordinator.
  • There are no administrative or participation fees for taking part in the Extended Master's Program. You will pay the regular tuition fees for the extra six months the Extended Master's Program takes.

Application and admission

You can apply for the Extended Master's Program once you've started the regular Master's program.

More on the Extended Master's Program

QTEM program: study abroad and traineeship (+1 year)

This Master's program is a proud partner of the prestigious Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM) network.

  • Excellent and ambitious students have the opportunity to extend their one-year Master's program with an additional year.
  • In this additional year, they can spend up to two semesters at different QTEM partner universities, and do an internship abroad at one of the corporate partners. Corporate partners include McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte, and ABInBev.
  • Successful QTEM students are awarded the QTEM Network Certificate.

Application and admission

You can apply for the QTEM program once you've started with the regular Master's program.

More information about the QTEM program

Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative: online extracurricular program

Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative (ELI) is an online extracurricular program that provides Master's students with tools to reflect and plan for an entrepreneurial career. Overall, ELI can be a very useful experience if you have entrepreneurship on your mind. —either right after graduation or later in your career! If you are unsure whether entrepreneurship fits you and your goals, ELI will help you find out.

Application and admission

All students enrolled in a Master's program at TiSEM are invited to apply.

More information about the Entrepreneurial Literacy Initiative

Double Degree Information Technology for Enterprise Management (+0,5 years)

Double Degree Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM)

  • Receive two master's degrees from two major universities in the field of Business and Economics. Study for half a year in Tilburg and half a year in Turku (Finland), where the study associations are exceptionally active.
  • This double degree program pays extra attention to change management associated with new technology and processes, which are crucial for the success of IT projects.
  • During your thesis process, the program facilitates an internship in international business, with intensive guidance from teachers from both universities.

More on the ITEM program

Multiple Degree International Master in Management of IT (+1 year)

Multiple Degree International Master in Management of IT (IMMIT)

  • Receive three master’s degrees  from three major universities in two years:
    • AIX-Marseille University, France
    • Turku University, Finland
    • Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • During your master’s thesis the program facilitates an internship in an internationally operating company, providing you with fast track career opportunities.
  • For this multiple degree you need to apply at AIX-Marseille University. You start in Marseille (France) at the end of August and move to Turku (Finland) in February. You will start the second year at Tilburg University.

More on the IMMIT program

ENGAGE EU: Joint Program in Digital Transformation

The ENGAGE.EU Joint Program in Digital Transformation is a unique European collaboration program that equips you with the latest technology skills and knowledge to understand data, leverage digital disruption, create societal impact, prepare yourself for a digital future that is happening now, and become a digital change-maker. You will have the opportunity to follow online courses in this program. As a culmination, the program ends with an in-person summer seminar at one of the seven partner universities, where you will meet your cohort, practically apply your knowledge from the courses, and expand your network.

Short overview of Information Management

Strategically apply IT to fundamentally change an enterprise and enable a company to achieve its strategic, tactical, and operational goals.

  • Become prepared for an international career at the intersection of IT, business and management.
  • A strong link with the business world:
    - We establish the content of the program in consultation with leading companies.
    - Opportunity to do an internship as common basis for your Master's thesis.
    - Practical oriented cases, assignments and guest speakers on a regular basis.
  • Benefit from the latest knowledge in the field of Information Technology. Our lecturers belong to the forefront of international research.

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