student studeert op bed


Find a sustainable study routine so that you can keep up with the work.

  • Remember or register at what times and for how long you are able to focus on your studies and integrate this into your planning. 
  • The study load is supposed to be 40 hours a week on average. Don’t focus on your studies 24/7; this will not improve your results.

If you have the impression that you are studying much more than 40 hours per week; then keep track for a while of how much and when you are actually studying. 
If this is really more than 40 hours, contact your education coordinator for advice. 

If you are spending more than 40 hours studying, but not all of them effectively; try to make blocks (total max. 40 hours) in which you put your phone away and resist other temptations. Use the Pomodori method if necessary. 

And of course plan breaks and fun things again to recharge.

  • Prepare and prioritize;

Before you start, make an overview of what you need to study or achieve. Choose where you want to spend your best time and energy on first. You can use an Eisenhower matrix or Flow chart.

  • Make sure your desk or workplace is tidy, quiet, and comfortable. Preferably, tidy up your workplace as soon as you are done. (This way, you avoid the fact that cleaning up your desk the next day causes you to procrastinate on studying). 
  • Study as if it were your job:
    When you are working, you don’t take unnecessary breaks, you don’t meet with friends nor do you spend much time online at work.
  • Make a to-do list or use an app to keep track of your activities besides studying, so you don’t get distracted by them. Write down important reminders to avoid thinking about them.
  • Put your phone away. Schedule quality time with your mobile phone after studying. There is nothing more pitiful than being on your phone when you should actually be studying, because then you are neither studying nor relaxing.
  • Stop multi-tasking, work in blocks (make sure it’s do-able).
  • Reward yourself after studying (not beforehand)