Studenten tijdens de introductieweek op de Tilburgse campus

Which introductions should I take part in?

International students new to the Netherlands are strongly advised to take part in the introduction to their program/School and preferably also in the TOP week organized for all new students in Tilburg.

Changes due to the coronavirus

Introduction activities per school

General introduction for all new students in Tilburg: TOP week

The Tilburg Orientation Program foundation (TOP) organizes a general introduction week for all first-year students - Dutch as well as international - at Tilburg University and Universities of Applied Sciences.

  • The aim is to provide new students with an opportunity to get acquainted with the city, their study program, study associations, and fellow students, not only those taking their own program, but others as well.
  • You will be given a lot of information and learn a great deal from second-year students acting as your mentors. You are guaranteed to have a great time, even though it will be a little tiring as well! In the introduction week, you will make friends for the rest of your life.

Register for the TOP week

Introduction activities of the international student network

I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association which organizes introduction activities for all foreign and Dutch internationally minded students.

Will I be hazed?

The answer is no. Hazing is a kind of initiation ritual that students go through in order to become a member of a student association. Hazing excesses such as are occasionally reported in other student cities (giving rise to all kinds of wild stories) fortunately do not occur at Tilburg University. There is no place for hazing in TOP Week. TOP Week is all about sharing information, getting acquainted with one another, and of course having lots of fun.