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FAQs Tilburg University Sports Center


What sports does the Sports Center offer?

At Tilburg University's Sports Center, you can choose from a wide range of sports. You can choose from various dance styles, boxing and budo sports, aerobics, spinning, climbing, fitness, relaxation sports, tennis, squash, running training, swimming, skating, and much more. 

The total offer can be found here: Sports Program | Tilburg University

Where can I find the sports schedule?

You can find our sports schedule here: Sports schedule | Tilburg University or in the Sports Center Tilburg app.  

Where can I find which sports facilities?

    On this page you will find the map of the Sports Center: Accommodations & Facilities Sports Center | Tilburg University

Which QR code do I need to scan and how must I do this?

The QR code is on signs posted at all of our accommodations. The QR code can be scanned by opening our app, Sports Center Tilburg, and going to 'Scan'.

For which classes should I bring my own materials?

It is not necessary to bring your own equipment for any lesson/training. If you have reserved a tennis or squash court, you can borrow rackets and balls from the front office for a small fee.

I have a complaint. Where can I report it?

Tips, complaints, or feedback can be reported using the following form: Feedback Sports Center | Tilburg University


I want to do individual fitness/gymnastics, what should I reserve?

You should reserve "Fitness" for this. There will be a fitness instructor present whom you can ask any questions or get advice from. 

What are the regulations for using the fitness facilities?

Sportswear, towel, and clean indoor shoes are required. Upon observation of violation of these regulations by one of our staff members, you will be asked to correct the violation or leave the Sports Center. 

Where can I get advice on using fitness equipment, nutrition, and fitness regimens?

For this, please contact the attending sports instructor, or send an email to  

Reservation and cancelling

What classes/sports do I need to make reservations for?

You must make a reservation for all sports activities offered by the Sports Center. Only recreational/lane swimming and recreational ice skating do not require this.

At what times can I enter on my reservation?

This depends on which sports activity you will be participating in. An overview per sports activity can be found here:  

  • Fitness: 30 min. before time and 30 min. after time 
  • Group classes: 30 min. before time and 15 min. after time 
  • Sauna: 60 min. before time and 10 min. after time 
Do I also need to make reservations for municipal facilities?

It is not necessary to make reservations for the pools and ice rink.  

I want to rent a hall with my friends to play free sports. How does this work?

One person can rent a field/room. It is helpful to email a list of names to the Sports Center so we can add them to the reservation:  

Please note that everyone must scan the QR code. 

I won't make it to my class. Am I obligated to cancel it?

Yes. Go to the reservation page, click on "current reservations,” and cancel the applicable reservation.  

How do I cancel a reservation?

Reservations can be canceled up to one hour in advance in the Sports Center Tilburg app. Go to 'soon' --> click on the reservation --> click cancel.  

Please note: For the sauna, a cancellation of 3 hours in advance applies. 

Explanation of the fine system

We would like to utilize the Sports Center's capacity as best we can. Therefore, we use a fine system to reduce the number of no-shows. If you book a class but do not show up, you will receive a warning the first two times. As of the 3rd time you do not show up, you will receive a fine of 2 euros. 

Please note! Your visit is recorded when you enter the Sports Center by finger scanning or scanning the QR code. This must be done within the time period of your reservation. Signs with the QR code are posted on all our accommodations. If you are unable to attend, you can cancel your reservation up to one hour before the start of the event.  


Can I play all sports with a try-out membership?

Yes, a try-out membership allows you to play all the sports offered by the Sports Center.   

Who can purchase a sports membership?

Students studying at a Dutch university, students of Fontys/Avans (regardless of location), alumni (1 through 5 years) of Tilburg University/Fontys/Avans, (retired) employees Tilburg University/Fontys/Avans, 

Extensive information can be found here: Purchasing a sports membership | Tilburg University

How much does a sports membership cost?
How do I get access to the pools and ice rink with my sports membership?

There is no need to make a reservation for the pool or ice rink. You do need to scan the QR code to enter. The sign with the QR code is available at the counters. You can find the opening hours on the website:  

I am going abroad for six months. Can I pause my membership?

It is not possible to pause your membership when you go on exchange. The terms and conditions of the Sports Center can be found here:  About the Sports Center | Tilburg University

Graduated and extern

I graduated and no longer have access to my student email. How can I exercise again?

You must show a valid ID and proof of graduation to the front office clerk. The clerk will then convert your student account to an alumnus account. 

Until how many years after graduation are you allowed to play sports at the Sports Center?

Up to 5 years after graduation, you can still purchase a Sports Center membership. The first year after graduation you can still purchase the membership for the student rate. After that, you will pay the maximum rate for the membership.

I quit my studies. Can I still keep exercising?

If you still have a valid membership, you can continue to use it until the end date. It is no longer possible to take out a new membership. You can have your email address converted to your personal email at the front desk so you can continue to log into your account. 

I am from outside the university and want to rent (part of) a hall How do I do that?

To do so, you can send an e-mail to  You can also find more information on our website: Sports rooms and accommodation rentals | Tilburg University

I want to play sports with someone who does not have sports rights, is this possible?

Anyone who has purchased a sports membership may use the introductory arrangement once. The guest can come along for free. You can make use of this arrangement only once during your membership at the Sports Center. Outside this arrangement it is not possible to join us without sports rights.