Staff sports

Staff sports

Free your head after a long day with an energizing workout! The best way to wind down after a long workday is to reward yourself with some physicial movement. You can let go of stress and release those happiness hormones.

Various sports

Whether you like to lift weights, ground yourself in a yoga session or go for a run, the Sports Center provides you over 58 sports to choose from. If you enjoy working out in a group, alongside some energizing music then try one of the many group lessons such as spinning, Fit After Work or dance. The Sports Center offers something for every fitness level, age and preference. Our staff at the Sports Center can support you in finding your ideal workout and help you along the process. 


Exercise is not only good for your physical shape and condition, it also helps you to release stress and happiness hormones known as endorphins.

A good balance between work and sport will help you to create a stronger focus and mindset. This is why Tilburg University encourages and supports you to become active and take part in many of our great sports activities like pilates, tennis or swimming. Regardless of your current stamina or fitness level – the Sports Center has the right activity for you!

Personal Training

Our staff at the Sports Center can support you in finding your ideal workout and help you along the process. It is also possible to book Personal Training sessions to work out with one-on-one guidance. The personal trainer can modify the workout according to your fitness level and wishes, to provide you the most optimal sports experience.

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  • Reimbursment possible via optional benefits program
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Health & Lifestyle Program

Your vitality and wellbeing are important to Tilburg University. Our mission is to help improve your vitality and wellbeing at your workplace and in your daily life. Besides a special staff sports program, we also organize activities to keep you vital and for which a sports membership card is not necessary. 

Together we boost our vitality and wellbeing

  • The Health & Lifestyle Program helps you to improve your health and wellbeing at your workplace and in your daily life
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  • Stay fit and healthy and join the Health & Lifestyle Program


    Karin van Opdorp

    "Playing tennis really makes me happy and playing with colleagues makes me even happier. We have so much fun on court every week".

  • Sporting together with others to stay fit and healthy


    Emilie van Hooft

    "This is the best way to start my day, pilates in a peaceful setting. It gives me a satisfying feeling and energizes me for the remainder of the day."

  • Fit After Work - one of the many staff sports activities

    Fit After Work

    Eric van Luijt

    "Fit After Work is a terrific way for me to get in some regular vigorous exercise together with a dedicated instructor."

58 +
Sports to choose from

From yoga to spinning.

5 +
classes exclusively for staff

are offered throughout the week, i.e. pilates, badminton, tennis & many more...

450 +
employees are members of the Sports Center

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