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Program and courses Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Study individual behavior in different social contexts from three social science perspectives: social psychology, sociology, and organization studies. These perspectives are studied both separately and combined. Throughout the program, you specialize by choosing one of four tracks: (1) Social Psychology, (2) Organization studies, (3) Sociology or (4) Methods and Statistics. Each track offers both internal and international traineeships, specialized content and research methods and statistics courses.

Program structure

This two-year program consists of 120 credits (ECTS):

  • 9 core courses (50 ECTS)
  • 9 track courses (46 ECTS) 
  • Master’s thesis (24 ECTS)

This program has one entry moment at the end of August.

Four tracks

To illustrate the focus of each track, consider these questions regarding the current COVID-19 crisis:

  • Social Psychology
    How does the crisis affect and/or change international stereotypes of countries? Do people with different personality traits react differently to the crisis? Are people with certain personality traits more resilient? 
  • Sociology
    Does the corona crisis increase in-group solidarity at the expense of out-group solidarity? Does the crisis increase socioeconomic inequalities? 
  • Organization Studies
    How does distance work influence team performance during the corona crisis ?
    How does government respond to pandemics? 
  • Methods and Statistics
    How to appropriately model the influence of the crisis? How to deal with nonresponse in longitudinal studies?

Program content

Core courses
Social Psychology track courses
Organization Studies track courses
Sociology track courses
Methods and Statistics track courses
Master’s thesis

Please Note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

Short overview of the Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Delve into the individual’s behavior in different social contexts (e.g., peers, family, groups, social networks) and specialize within a research area of your interest. Acquire a thorough methodological and statistical education and write two scientific papers as part of the curriculum.

  • The only Research Master’s program in the Netherlands, which trains you in both social and behavioral sciences, and has a strong analytical and quantitative focus.
  • Personalize your educational experience by choosing a specialization in your area of interest with a track in Social Psychology, Organization Studies, Sociology or Methods and Statistics.
  • Participate in 4 in-house research traineeships and 1 international research traineeship, and work together with renowned national and international academics. In this way, you acquire, improve, and effectively use knowledge and skills required for performing scientific research.
  • You will receive excellent personal guidance from renowned scholars and researchers. You get small-scale and interactive education. There are more full-time professors than students, with classes of no more than 30 students from different academic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Head start on the labor market: your comprehensive research skills and methodological knowledge, together with your interdisciplinary knowledge of social and behavioral sciences and track specialization, will give you a competitive advantage on a wide range of applied or fundamental (research) positions at universities (PhD), research and development departments, or private companies and organizations.
  • Non-EU/EEA students can make use of the tuition fee waiver, which reduces the institutional fee to the statutory fee.

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Interested in the Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences?

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  • the ambitions for an intellectual challenge

  • strong critical and analytical abilities

  • an interest in and experience with doing research

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