MSc Victimology and Criminal Justice

In the Master's program Victimology and Criminal Justice you will study the position of victims in society. Drawing upon the insights offered by law, psychology, criminology and other social sciences, you will learn to academically analyze and professionally solve psychosocial, political, and legal problems arising from victimization, with a particular focus on the victim within the context of the criminal justice system.

Why Victimology and Criminal Justice in Tilburg?

Interdisciplinary, international, innovative and interactive

  • Insights into both victimology and criminal justice are drawn from multiple academic fields, including law, criminology, psychology, sociology, anthropology and related fields - and all from a global perspective.
  • Being a top-notch program, the master in Victimology and Criminal Justice is unique in the world to focus on victimology and criminal justice at the graduate level.
  • Students enjoy both a high degree of individual attention and interaction in class with their fellow classmates and professors.

First-class academic environment

  • The master is administered by the research institute the International Victimology Institute Tilburg (INTERVICT). Students benefit from the theoretical, practical and state of the art knowledge accumulated by the institute.
  • INTERVICT maintains an impressive network with institutions and academics in the field of victimology. Students are taught by renowned scholars and by practitioners.
  • Students are stimulated to participate in extracurricular activities such as a study trip to Rwanda and courses in Dubrovnik and Leuven.
  • INTERVICT selects students to contribute to its research projects through an internship or mediates for positions at external organizations.

Wide range of employment opportunities

  • Graduates of this master have a wide range of employment opportunities in international and national, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of criminal justice, health care, disaster relieve, human rights, etc.

The planning of the academic calendar of the master gives students the possibility to combine the program with a second master, an internship, a job or other activities.

Stephanie Olsohn

Student Nienke Frijdal

'Victimology is the only program of its kind. It provides an insight into victimhood from the perspective of victims as well as of society, and sheds light on issues that usually no one dares to talk about.'

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Victimology and Criminal Justice in short

StartEnd of August
Duration One year (12 months).
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Title Master of Science (MSc)
Croho 66725
Bachelor’s with direct accessCriminology, Law, Liberal Arts, or Social Sciences
(Psychology, Sociology).
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Deadlines for applicationSeptember 2018 intake
- Non-EU/EEA students: 1 April 2018
- EU/EEA students: 1 July 2018
- Dutch students: 1 August 2017
After graduation Institutions and organizations dealing with victims of crime
and/or human rights violations, victim-related services
within judiciaries.
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