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How can I reserve an individual study place or group work place?

Want to be sure of a study place? It is possible to reserve an individual workplace on campus. It is also possible if you want to reserve a space for several people, for example if you want to work in a group, plan a meeting or organize an event.

What do you want to reserve?

Workplace / study place (up to and including 10 persons)

You can reserve a workspace via the online reservation system (LibCal).

Reserve a study place 

  • You will receive a confirmation via Tilburg University e-mail;
  • In addition non-scheduled lecture rooms are available for self-study. Reservations for these spaces is not required;
  • Landing spots are available in the various buildings. These are not suitable for long-term study, but you can use them between lectures. This can be done without reservation.


  • The workplaces and student meeting rooms can be reserved from 7 days in advance (incl. weekend days);
  • Reservations can be up to 40 hours a week (across all locations);
  • Make sure you can show a valid Tilburg University card to the security guard. In this way we can ensure together that only registered students use a place;
  • If you have reserved a place to study, you may also be asked to show the reservation confirmation;

Check in and out

  • Check in via the QR code, if you do not do this the reservation expires 30 min. after the start time of your reservation;
  • Check out via the QR code, this ensures that the workspace is free for others and the minutes become available again;
  • Use the QR code on the door sign or table when checking in to a group meeting room.


  • The workplaces are cleaned daily.


If you have any questions about the application or booking rules please contact: Facility Service Desk at facilityservicedesk@tilburguniversity.edu.

Room for thesis defense / graduation

Fill in the Student Desk form and choose the option Room reservation Master Thesis defense / Zaalreservering afstuderen Master.

Directly to the Student Desk form

Venue for an event

Contact Conference & Event Support at cesupport@tilburguniversity.edu if you are organizing a gathering with one or more of the following features (Advice and room reservations are always free of charge):

  • Activity involves a (scientific) conference.
  • Activity involves a graduation or promotion ceremony.
  • Activity takes place outside opening hours of the university.
  • Activity has commercial purposes.
  • Activity is not initiated directly from Tilburg university.
  • Activity has an increased security aspect (e.g. (inter)nationally known speaker, politically charged topic).
  • Organizer is not affiliated with the university.
Blackbox, Balletzaal, Cultuurtuin, collegezalen and foyers

Room reservations are requested at least 5 working days in advance. Examples of such activities include meetings, workshops, trainings, debates, and studying.

Directly make a room reservation

Attention please

  • The main rule in handling room requests is that lectures and exams take priority over other activities at all times;
    • A request for a reservation in an exam period can only be scheduled 4 weeks prior to the start of that period. Please submit a request only then.
  • An assigned room can, in exceptional cases, be cancelled by the scheduling team if this is necessary for the smooth progress of education. If possible, you will be assigned another room.
  • If for any reason the reserved room will not be used, please cancel the reservation using the same email address or system (LibCal /Outlook for example) as was used to request the reservation so that the room can be reserved by someone else.
  • The arrangement of furniture must be returned to its original position when leaving the room.
  • It is not allowed to exceed the maximum number of people in terms of room capacity.
  • Food and/or beverages are not permitted in the lecture rooms.
  • Reservation requests which are not provided with the required information will not be processed.
  • The university is closed on national holidays.

Extra facilities

If you need facilities different from the standard facilities of the reserved room (extra table, extra cleaning, security), please contact the Facility Service Desk.


  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in lecture halls (except for a bottle of water).
  • In meeting rooms, you may have coffee/tea/lunch provided by a campus caterer.
  • In foyers it is allowed to eat and drink.
Buitenwerkplekken Tilburg University campus

Outside (working) places near the Warande building with water point