Tilburg University department Human Resource Studies

Expertise Strategic Human Resource Management

In recent years, people have increasingly been considered as an important asset for organizational success. That is the reason why it is important to manage these people in the right way. The idea of SHRM is that the management of people at the workplace can have a significant positive impact on organizational performance. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a discipline that covers concepts and practices that align the HR policy with the strategic and long-term goals of the organization. Thus, it is concerned with the connection of the business strategy to HRM in order to get and retain a sustained competitive advantage for the organization.

Strategic HRM covers the following topics:

  • HRM practices and systems
  • HR analytics
  • Strategic Climate
  • Engagement
  • Performance and Well-being
  • HR governance, compliance/safety
  • HR functional excellence
  • Global talent management
  • Contextual HRM

Our staff members are experts on this area:

  • Carien Alingh
  • Charissa Freese
  • Barry de Goeij
  • Dorien Kooij
  • Paul van der Laken
  • Jaap Paauwe
  • Riccardo Peccei
  • Renee de Reuver
  • Rene Schalk
  • Marc van Veldhoven
  • Marinus Verhagen
  • Karina van de Voorde