Tilburg University department Human Resource Studies

Research Lab Aligning strategic HRM, well-being and performance

Our lab focuses on aligning the interests of employees and organizations through the adoption of progressive HR practices so that both parties derive benefits.

Core issue is how organizations can jointly optimize organizational performance and worker wellbeing (e.g., health, happiness, social relations, justice, sustainability, societal wellbeing) through the implementation of HRM policies and practices.

We aim to do this by:

  • Conducting rigorous empirical research together which seeks to understand how organizations implement HRM policies, how employees react to these HR systems and how this in turn effects their well-being and organizational performance;

  • Applying for funding and grants which support this research stream and address pertinent societal problems surrounding the importance of a ‘balanced perspective’;

  • Teaching our students about the importance of a ‘balanced perspective’;

  • Through roundtables, educate practicing managers about the latest scientific evidence to effectively manage employees;

  • Participate in executive programs;

  • Develop collaborations with other universities in order to develop HR expertise and share HR expertise for the purpose delivering sustainable societal impact.

Our staff members are experts on this area: