Organization Studies Farzana Bintay Hai

"This program is a perfect combination of research and theory which will build your capability to handle complex problems in small as well as big organizations."

- Farzana Bintay Hai (26) from Bangladesh, student Organization Studies and HR recruitment Onboarding intern at ASML

Program and courses Organization Studies

Learn to diagnose organizational problems, formulate research-informed solutions to those problems, communicate these effectively with the relevant stakeholders in their respective organizations, and manage the implementation processes.  All combining the latest insights and approaches from organization science, sociology, psychology, and business management.

Program structure

This one-year program consists of 60 credits (ECTS), of which:

  • 5 content courses (30 ECTS)
  • 1 Master’s Seminar in Organization Studies (6 ECTS)
  • Master’s thesis (24 ECTS)

You can only start end of August.

With the extended master’s program (1.5 year), you have the opportunity to strengthen your career prospects by adding a one-year professional traineeship to your Master’s program in a wide range of companies.

Program content

Content courses
Master’s Seminar and Master’s thesis

Extend your master with a junior traineeship

The Extended Master Organization Studies is an additional one-and-a-half year program (90 ECTS) in which you’ll combine scientific research during the Master's thesis trajectory with in-depth work experience in an organization to an extent that is not possible in the one-year Master's program.

Extended Master: junior traineeship
Admission and application Extended Master

Organization Studies in short

Practice related teamwork is a key part of the program:

  • Frequent group assignments in real-life settings, as well as through the acquisition of knowledge on team processes.
  • Receive support and feedback from a small group of fellow students while writing your thesis in so-called Thesis Circles.

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