master - Organizing and managing Digital Transformation

Organizing and Managing Digital Transformation

1 year English Starts end of August

Examine how digital technologies impact core organizational processes and reshape relationships between and within organizations. In the track Organizing and Managing Digital Transformation you study how organizations respond, adjust, and navigate technological transformations from multiple perspectives. You will also learn how to advise organizations that are facing these challenges. This is a track of the MSc Organization and Management Studies.

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Master's program

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Program and courses

In this Master’s program, you will analyze organizational changes triggered by the introduction of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. You will help organizations and their stakeholders to interpret, introduce, and adapt. In addition, you will develop the skills to examine new organizational forms and business models centered around digital technologies and learn to leverage emerging innovation trends to evolve businesses.

  • This track has a multi-disciplinary approach with insights from Organization and Management Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Governance, Law, and Digital Sciences. 
  • Study digital transformation from a sociological and relational perspective that is applicable to all organizations.
  • Take part in an innovative program that utilizes interactive learning and practical teamwork to analyze and plan for organizational challenges related to digital transformation.
  • This track offers a practical orientation via workshops with external experts to understand technologies that have the potential to highly impact businesses and governments.

Typical courses are:

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation in Society and Organizations
  • Managing Digital Transformation in Organizations
  • Organizing Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Dynamics

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Related tracks

  • In the Master Organization and Management Studies you will learn to diagnose organizational problems, formulate research-based solutions to those problems, communicate these effectively with the relevant stakeholders, and manage the implementation processes.
  • The Organizing for Global Social Challenges track gives you a different perspective on sustainable development based on the theories and methods of Global Management of Social Issues. This specialization considers the role of organizations in addressing global societal challenges.
  • alumni

    Jordy van der Jagt

    Business Consultant CGI

    "This Master's is a great opportunity for students who recognize the importance of IT in this day and age and want to know more about the cutting edge of business and IT."


  • Portret van man in pak

    Bram Kaashoek

    Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Main Capital Partners

    "Information Technology is everywhere and impacts the way we live and work. It drives innovation and contributes to solutions for societal challenges."

  • Man die lacht

    Noah Smeets

    Consultant Data Ecosystems at TNO

    "Understanding the use and development of data and systems makes your Organization and Management knowledge more applicable in the digital era."

Career prospects

As a graduate, you understand the societal challenges public and private organizations face regarding digitalization. With your analytical skills, you can carefully consider all options and devise strategies for digital transformation in organizations, while acknowledging the implications for various stakeholders. You will leverage your organizational and technical knowledge to communicate and collaborate across business, strategy, and design teams. As an organizational analyst, you can work as a consultant, project manager, or business analyst in public or private organizations such as government, large or small companies, or healthcare.

Some examples of possible jobs:

  • Consultant in an international organization, connecting people in order to create the most competent team to solve complex digitalization challenges.
  • People and Organization Officer in healthcare, managing and guiding various teams during a digitalization project.
  • Product manager in a tech company, identifying business objectives while ensuring that projects run smoothly to produce the best possible results.

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Application and admission

This program starts:

End of August

Best preparatory programs:

  • Organization and Management Studies 
  • Global Management of Social Issues
  • Sociology
  • Human Resource Studies 
  • Social Sciences
  • Business (administration)
  • Management

Pre-Master’s program

A one-year (60 ECTS) Pre-Master’s program is available if your previous program is relevant but does not meet the required entry-level. For example, a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Sciences. The pre-Master’s program starts at the end of August.

Tuition fees and scholarships

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