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Exemptions Tilburg Law School

You can request an exemption as soon as you have been fully registered at Tilburg University for a Bachelor’s, Premaster’s or Master’s program.

Requests for exemption from certain courses can be made via this form. If you want to apply for an exemption for more than one course, you have to fill in a form for each course.

Applying for an exemption

If you have previously obtained a course within another University program on the basis of which you believe you may be eligible for an exemption for a course at our faculty, you may submit a request to the examination committee. No exemptions are granted for courses obtained within an University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: HBO-opleiding).

The decision to grant an exemption is taken by the examination committee. No rights can be derived from statements made by a lecturer or others about the chance of obtaining an exemption.

A copy of each course for which an exemption is requested must be enclosed with the request:

  • Extensive information about the literature used. Only the title of the book is insufficient! The examination board needs an overview (not made by the student himself/herself) of all the material that has been discussed (studied chapters or pages), e.g. via a copy from the syllabus, dictation or workbook.
  • Overview of the jurisprudence studied (again not made by the student himself/herself).
  • Information about the study load.
  • Proof that the course has been passed.
  • The above information should be submitted in English or Dutch.

It must be made clear which parts of the course have been taken elsewhere, so that the examination board can assess whether it sufficiently corresponds with the course as given to us.

N.B. If an exemption is requested on the basis of a course that is part of one of the programs of our own faculty, no further information needs to be submitted!

Incorrectly completed or incomplete applications will not be processed and will be returned!

Exemptions Data Science

Read the information on exemptions of courses for the joint degree Bachelor’s program Data Science of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology.