Studying for exams


More information on exams: how to register, different examination forms and so on.

Consequences for the exams due to COVID-19

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 and/or are you in quarantine? 

We ask students who are unable to come to campus due to a Covid-19 infection, mandatory quarantine, or a waiting period following a Covid-19 test to act responsibly and stay home. That said, we recognize the need for students not to suffer delays in their studies due to Covid-19 related reasons.

That is why, if students are or were unable to come to campus in December 2021 and/or January 2022 for Covid-19 related reasons and therefore will miss or have missed the first and/or second on-campus exam opportunities, they can submit a request for a catch-up exam for the exam(s) concerned.

You can find more information in the FAQ for students on exams

During the exams

We are aware of the fact that, given the current Covid situation, you have many questions relating to the on-campus exams. The rules relating to maximum group sizes and social distancing do not apply to exams and we see that you are worried about this. We understand that. That is why we want to bring to your attention the following measures which we have taken and also measures which you as a student can take. In this way, we can create a safe learning environment together.

  • In the campus buildings, wearing a face mask is mandatory, both when moving and sitting at a workstation or in the lecture hall. A medical face mask is recommended. This also applies during examinations. If you refuse to wear a face mask, the examination opportunity will be cancelled and no extra opportunity will apply. An exception applies to students who are unable to wear a face mask due to a disability or health condition. If this applies to you, make sure you can prove this on the spot.
  • During exams, candidates will be seated at a distance from each other wherever possible. We ask that you keep 1.5 meters distance from others wherever possible.
  • The ventilation system is suitable for spaces with higher occupancy and has also been turned up since the beginning of the corona crisis. So do not worry about ventilation: it is working at a higher intensity than is necessary for the number of people sitting a test. Please note that the space may feel chilly as a result.
  • Self-testing is essential. We kindly request you to do a home test before you come to the campus for an exam. Only come to the campus if your home test is negative. Home tests can still be ordered free of charge from They will be sent to your home.