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Workshops for study and student associations

A good way to gain (management) experience is to become a board member of a study or student association.

These associations can turn to Student Career Services for workshops. The workshops are offered for groups up to 15 participants. All workshops (morning or afternoon, 3 hours)* are taught by certified career coaches, trainers or communication experts.

A number of aspects are very important to us in our workshops: interaction, personal development, taking responsibility, learning by doing/experiencing and a safe environment.

* This does not include the CV checks. These can be interactive 1.5-hour workshops or individual CV checks.

For whom?

The workshops are meant for starting student board members, committee members and other members of study and student associations. Workshops can also be organized during career events. Workshops can be held both in English and in Dutch upon mutual agreement.

Which workshops?
  • Talent management

Result: you know what your personal qualities, interests and motivators are. You have an idea about your personal profile and you can take steps towards the labor market.

  • Application letter & CV

Result: you can elaborate on your motivation in a catchy letter and CV. Both look good!

  • The job interview

Result: you know how to prepare for a job interview and how to deal with tricky questions.

  • LinkedIn for beginners

Result: You know how to effectively use this social media tool when looking for a job and how to present a clear-cut profile.

  • Personal Branding/Elevator pitch

Result: You can boldly present your unique selling points and pinpoint the match between you and the company.

  • Networking

Result: You are aware of your own network and you know how to use your network in looking for a job.

  • Discussion techniques for beginners

Result: You are familiar with the basic conversation tools and have practiced a number of techniques.

  • Conflict management for beginners:

Result: You know the kinds and most important principles of conflict management and you can more easily deal with ‘difficult people’.

  •  Oral presentation

Result: Afterwards, you have developed some skills to present more convincingly and in a more structured way.

In addition to the workshops above, it is also possible to organize a LinkedIn / CV check.

Workshops specifically for boards of associations
  • Team roles and collaboration
  • Conflict management for boards
  • Effective board management
  • Effective & efficient meetings
  • Negotiation
  • Acquisition/sales
  • Chairing


Costs are involved in organizing workshops. Each 3-hour morning or afternoon session costs €475. This includes all preparation.


If you are interested in organizing a workshop for a study or student association, please fill out the web form.