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Workshops for study and student associations

A good way to gain (management) experience is to become a board member of a study or student association.

These associations can turn to Student Career Services for workshops. The workshops are offered for groups up to 15 participants. All workshops (morning or afternoon, 3 hours)* are taught by certified career coaches, trainers or communication experts.

A number of aspects are very important to us in our workshops: interaction, personal development, taking responsibility, learning by doing/experiencing and a safe environment.

* This does not include the CV checks. These can be interactive 1.5-hour workshops or individual CV checks.

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Workshops specifically for boards of associations


Costs are involved in organizing workshops. Each 3-hour morning or afternoon session costs €475.00. This includes all preparation.


If you are interested in organizing a workshop for a study or student association, please fill in the web form.