Studieplekken Tilburg University Library

Where are the campus study spaces?

The campus hosts about 2,800 study spaces. There are study spaces with and without desktop computers, study spaces where you can work quietly, and spaces equipped with two-screen workstations suitable for group work. Of course there are also study spaces where you can study with your own laptop.

Frequently asked questions on study places

Where on campus can I study?

There are several workstations on campus. To make studying as pleasant as possible, there are different types of workstations: quiet workstations, group workstations, workstations with or without a fixed PC, etc. Some workstations can be reserved in advance.

Can I make a study place reservation?

Yes, you can do that through the study place reservation system. You can find workstations that can be reserved in the following buildings:

  • Cobbenhagen building
  • Cube
  • Goossens Learning Center (GLC)
  • Library
  • Meerkoldreef
  • Montesquieu Learning Center (MLC)
  • Reitse Toren
  • Tias
Can I make a reservation for a group work space?

Yes, this can be done through the same study place reservation system as the individual study places.

Are there outdoor study places?

If the weather is nice, you can also study at the outdoor picnic tables. These 'outdoor study places' are located near the following buildings: Cobbenhagen, Dante, Montesquieu, Simon, Tias, Warande, and the restaurant. The outdoor study places are equipped with a power outlet and the study places outside the Warande building and the restaurant also have a water tap.