Wie verdient de titel Teacher of the Year?

Teacher of the Year Election 2022

Every year during the Teacher of the Year Election, the best teacher of Tilburg University is chosen. This election is organized in collaboration with Student Party SAM. This teacher is then nominated for the national Teacher of the Year election, which is hosted by the ISO. Each student can cast one vote.

Vote for your favorite teacher

You can vote from October 5 to October 19.

The nominees

Bob van den Brand

Bob van den Brand - TiSEM

Dr. Bob van den Brand is the nominated lecturer of TiSEM. He teaches courses such as Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Inleiding Boekhouden. To students, Bob van den Brand is a closely involved teachers who expresses his appreciation for his students. He is passionate about the innovation of education and his lectures are varied because of the use of knowledge clips

Erik-Jan Broers

Erik-Jan Broers - TLS

Mr. Erik-Jan Broers is the nominated lecturer of TLS. He teaches the courses Rechtsgeschiedenis, Geschiedenis van het belastingrecht, and Europese rechtsgeschiedenis. During his lectures he uses old criminal cases among other things. To keep the students' attention, he includes a relaxation moment in each lecture. During such a moment, he makes a small excursion to something that is less relevant to the lecture, but still instructive and fun. 


Bram Peper

Bram Peper - TSB

Dr. Bram Peper is the nominated lecturer of TSB.  He teaches courses on social theory, social problems, gender, work-life issues, sociology of work, and welfare states. Additionally, he is the Academic Director of the Bachelor of Sociology. His lectures are easy to follow and filled with enthusiasm. Another point of amazement for students of Dr. Peper is that he is a Radio DJ and performs weekly. Before coming to Tilburg seven years ago, he was an assistant professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Michiel Op de Coul

Michiel Op de Coul - TST

Michiel op de Coul is the nominated lecturer of TST. This is a special nomination since Michiel passed away on May 22, 2022. He taught the courses Latin 1, 2, and 3, Greek 1, 2, and 3, and Capita selecta uit de oudchristelijke literatuur. Michiel obtained his doctorate from the Sorbonne University in Paris in 2007 and was employed at Tilburg University from 2014. He was extremely passionate about the Classical languages and culture and knew well how to enthuse his students about them. Michiel really knew how to make his students comfortable with these courses.

Voting: how does it work?

Every year, the Teacher of the Year Election chooses the best teacher of Tilburg University. This teacher is then nominated for the national Teacher of the Year election, which is organised by the ISO. Each student can cast one vote. The lecturers are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The teacher has passion for his or her subject and knows how to convey the social added value of the subject to students.
  • The teacher uses activating didactics by means of sufficient interaction and feedback and is able to connect to the student's world of experience.
  • The teacher strives to continue professionalising and developing himself/herself.
  • Despite the changing circumstances caused by the corona crisis, the teacher is able to provide high-quality education and keep the students involved.

Keep these criteria in mind when casting your vote! Ultimately, the Teacher of the Year is chosen by the votes of the students (50%) and the votes of the jury (50%).

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