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How do I reference?

Referencing - providing information about your sources - is needed for language you quote word-for-word from another source, for text you paraphrase (rewrite using your own words), and for works from which you summarize ideas. Always reference your sources in two places:

  1. In the running text at the place where you are incorporating the information
  2. In a reference list, a bibliography, or a footnote

But how, exactly? There are a lot of different systems for citing sources (so-called ‘referencing styles’ or ‘citation styles’). Referencing styles vary from discipline to discipline. Your lecturer will tell you which style to use. Check the web tutorial RefCite: it provides extensive information about:

  • quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing
  • citing sources according to referencing styles used at Tilburg University

Looking for concise information about a particular referencing style, a manual, or useful websites? Click on one of the tabs below.

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