Michiel Peeters, studentenpastor bij Tilburg University

What do I really want? What am I doing it for? I want to help you take these questions seriously and look for answers so you can enjoy your studies and your life more."

- Michiel Peeters, Student Chaplain Tilburg University -

Contact: Personal conversation with the chaplain

Sometimes it can be nice to talk to someone, for example about events in your life, your studies, relationships and so on. I offer a listening ear.

If you wish to have a personal talk about anything (grief, joy, identity or loneliness), or simply for a cup of coffee, meet me - chaplain Fr. Michiel Peeters - at 'Maranatha' student church. 

We can also have a video call.  In order to make an appointment, please send an e-mail to chaplain@tilburguniversity.edu, containing a number of time slots that suit you, preferably on Monday, Thursday or Friday in the afternoon.

Also indicate whether you want to come 'in person' or if you want to talk on Zoom. You will receive a proposal for an appointment by e-mail, which you then should confirm.

In case of emergencies

Please call the chaplain at any time at 06-1040 5358 (if not answering, please leave a message).

Contact Chaplain Michiel Peeters


Phone number
+31 (0)13 467 5302 (in case of pastoral emergencies +31 (0)6 10405358).

Visiting address
Student church Maranatha
Professor Cobbenhagenlaan 19
5037 DB Tilburg

Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Bank account
IBAN: NL 76 RABO 0354297589
subject: Maranatha Parochie 

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