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About Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) is the leading European School for research and education in the fields of Business and Economics.

Departments and institutes

The School’s departments are clustered into the Business departments and Economics departments. Additionally, the School stimulates thematic and inter-disciplinary research by hosting or partnering in interdisciplinary research centers and networks.

Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the content and organization of the research and education within the School as well as for the operations of the School. 

Members of the Management Team:

Associate Dean's:

Dean' s Office:

Heads of Departments

Heads of departments are appointed by the Dean and responsible for the organization of the education and research activities of the departments. The heads of TiSEM’s  departments:

TiSEM Staff

TiSEM is a home to a diverse group of scholars from around the world. The vibrant research community has a strong tradition in fundamental research with societal relevance. TiSEM staff is dedicated to delivering highest quality, innovative teaching grounded in continuous professional development of our teachers.

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Faculty Assessment Committee

Faculty Assessment Committee monitors the application of departmental criteria and procedures in the tenure and promotion decisions.

Members of the Faculty Assessment Committee:




Anne-Floor Heijerman, secretary of the AC

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Faculty Council

The TiSEM Faculty is the maim participation body within the School contributing to transparency, consultation and inclusion of student and staff interests and views in the decision making. The Faculty Council is comprised of 7 student and 7 staff members and meets with the School’s Management Team six times in the course of an academic year.

The (public) documents of the Faculty Council and the Faculty Regulations are available on SharePoint.

TiSEM Faculty Council - Meeting schedule 2022-2023

Contact Anne-Floor Heijerman for more information.

Staff members
Lieke Beekers (Employees of TiSEM) Gueorgui Kolev (Employees of TiSEM)
Marjan Groen (Employees of TiSEM) Nikolaus Schweizer (Employees of TiSEM)
Christoph Horner (Employees of TiSEM) Teodora Tsankova (Employees of TiSEM)
Fatemeh Hosseini (Employees of TiSEM) - temporary leave George Knox (Employees of TiSEM) - temporary replacement
Student members
Jag Ammerlaan Zuzanna Kalinowska
Website ECCO  
Pauline Berghege  Julia Urselmann
Ilja Bolwerk Eline van Hoof
Federico Spiertz  
Website Active TiSEM  
Willem Megens, chairperson Anne-Floor Heijerman, secretary
Academic Directors

Academic Directors are responsible for shaping the content, assuring the quality and organization of the educational programs of TiSEM.

Academic Directors Economics

BSc Economics (former IEF), MSc Economics, MSc International Economics and Finance, BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie  

Prof. dr. A.C. Meijdam / Dr.  B.J.A.M. van Groezen Academic Director (BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie)
Dr. B.A. Vollaard Academic Director (MSc Economics)
Z.E. Öztürk  Academic Director (BSc Economics (former IEF))
S.C.M. de Bonth Education Coordinator (MSc Economics)
S. Abdoel Education Coordinator (BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie)
M.M.E. Prince Education Coordinator (BSc Economics)

Academic Director Business Economics

BSc Business Economics

Dr. A.E. Kramer Academic Director (BSc Business Economics)
MA C. de Oliveira Rocha Education Coordinator (BSc Business Economics)

Academic Directors Econometrics and Operations Research

BSc Econometrics and Operations Research, MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, MSc Business Analytics and Operations Research, MSc Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences

Prof. dr. H.W. Norde Academic Director (BSc Econometrics and OR)
Prof. dr. A.M.B. de Waegenaere  Academic Director (MSc QFAS)
Dr. O. Boldea Academic Director (MSc EME)
Dr. C. Dobre Academic Director (MSc BAOR)
S. Abdoel Education Coordinator (BSc Econometrics and OR)
S.C.M. de Bonth Education Coordinator (MSc EME, MSc QFAS, MSc BAOR)

Academic Director Tax Economics

BSc en MSc Tax Economics

Dr. F.J. Elsweier  Academic director (BSc and MSc Tax Economics)
Mr. drs. H. de Bruijn Education Coordinator (BSc and MSc Tax Economics)


Academic Director Information Management

MSc Information Management

Dr. H. Weigand Academic Director (MSc Information Management)
Dr. E.AM. Caron Academic Director (MSc IMMIT and ITEM)
H. Koçak

Education Coordinator (MSc Information Management)

H. Koçak Education Coordinator (MSc IMMIT and ITEM)

Academic Director International Management

MSc International Management

Dr. L.M.A. Mulotte Academic Director (MSc International Management)
N. Donkers MA Education Coordinator (MSc International Management)

Academic Director International Business Administration

BSc International Business Administration

Dr. J. Leenheer Academic Director (BSc IBA)
Dr. ir. B.L.E. Dormans Academic Director (BSc IBA)
N.C.W. van Enckevort Education Coordinator (BSc IBA)
V.M. van Thiel Education Coordinator (BSc IBA)


Academic Directors Business Masters

Masters Accountancy, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Analytics, Strategic Management

S.N.M. Vandenbogaerde MSc Academic Director (MSc Accountancy)
J. Künneke Academic Director (MSc Accountancy)
Dr. P.C. de Goeij Academic Director (MSc Finance)
Dr. M.A.H. Groen Academic Director (MSc SM)
Dr. ir. C.M.H. Kuijpers Academic Director (MSc SCM)
Dr. A.A.M. Bosmans Academic Director (MSc MM)
Dr. A.I.J.G. van Lin Academic Director (MSc MA)
H. Koçak Education Coordinator (MSc SM)
N. Donkers MA Education Coordinator (MSc SCM)
Drs. S.A.M.M. Blijlevens Education Coordinator (MSc Accountancy)

L. van der Heijden

Education Coordinator (MSc MM, MA, Finance)

Academic Directors CentER programs

Prof. dr. B.C.G. Dierynck Academic Director Research Master in Business
Prof. dr. H.P. Huizinga Academic Director Research Master in Economics
center-gs@tilburguniversity.edu  Education Coordinator (RM in Business and RM in Economics)

Academic Director Postmaster Accountancy

Postmaster Accountancy

Drs. R.C.W. Eken RA Education Coordinator

Academic Director HBO pre-master programs

Pre-master programs

Dr. H. Haans Academic Director
Drs. E.L.H. Niesten Education Coordinator


Academic Director Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship

Dr. K.S. Podoynitsyna Academic Director (MSc Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship)
N.R. Claus MSc Education Coordinator (MSc Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship)

Academic Director Bachelor Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

Dr. ing. W.E.J. Bodewes Academic Director (BSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation)

K. Van Rietschoten

Education Coordinator (BSc Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation)
Education Committees

Tilburg University is well-known for its highly rated economics and business programs. Therefore, the Tilburg School of Economics and Management is very keen on monitoring and maintaining the quality of its programs. Both employees and students serve in this Education Committee (EC).


The committees provide (un)solicited advice on the quality of education to the Academic Directors and the Vice-Dean Education (or Research for the research masters). The committees have the right of advice on the Education and Examination Regulations, and starting academic year 2017/2018 also the right of approval on a few articles. Input from the student members in this process is very important and is highly appreciated.

At least once a year, the Academic Directors and the Vice-Dean for Education (or Research for the research masters). attend the meeting. Students inform each other of what is happening within the program and discuss what needs to be put on the agenda. Both student members as well as academic staff have contact with the faculty council.

Governing boards and compensation

As a student member of the Education Committee, you can apply for a grant.  Students also receive an attendance allowance of € 50 for each formal meeting they actively participated in. Further information about student participation.

Introduction and information for new members

During an information session, the task of the Education Committee will be explained, the relation with other stakeholders as well as what is expected from them.

Contact Information

Examination Board

Examination Board is responsible for the organization and coordination of all the matters related to (preliminary) examinations.

More information about the responsibilities, how to file a request and the members.

Assessment Assurance Committee

The committee monitors the quality of assessment at TiSEM; the way exam questions are developed, the use of answer keys, thesis and other assessment forms, and whether appropriate procedures are followed.

Patrick Kenis


Accounting Christoph Sextroh
Economics Khulan Altangerel
Econometrics and Operations Research Martin Salm and Ruud Hendrickx
Finance Fabio Castiglionesi 
Management Hamid Saeedi
Marketing George Knox
Tax Economic Ed Westerhout and Cees Peters
Advisory Council

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to advise the management strategic challenges faced by TiSEM. The council can point out "blind spots" in the education and research portfolio and contribute to building a stronger external profile. The members hold important positions in business or the non-profit sector and all have strong ties with economics and business economics. The management team and the advisory council meet several times a year.


  • Lenny Berkers
  • Huub Dekkers
  • Eric Engesaeth
  • Erik Kamps
  • Pharailda Kokke
  • Arno van Son
  • Rob Zandbergen

Secretary of the Advisory Council:

Scientific Council CentER

Scientific Council members (5 year periods)

Econometrics Richard Blundell, IFS
Macroeconomics Rick van der Ploeg, EUI
Microeconomics Georg Kirchsteiger, ULB
Accounting Peter Easton, Notre Dame, Indiana
Information & Supply Chain Management Paul A. Pavlou, University of Houston
Finance Ilya Strebulaev, Stanford University
Marketing Michel Wedel, University of Maryland
Operations Research Luk van Wassenhove, INSEAD
Strategy & Organization Donald C. Hambrick, Penn. State University
Research Coordinators

Research Coordinators are appointed by the Vice Dean Research and responsible for the organization of the research activities of the departments. The research coordinators of TiSEM’s departments:


Prof.dr. Eddy Cardinaels


Dr. Pavel Cizek

Operations Research

Prof.dr. Etienne de Klerk

Economics  (micro)

Prof. dr. Sigrid Suetens

Economics  (macro)

Prof. dr. Harry Huizinga


Dr. Marco Da Rin

Management (information and supply chain)

Prof. dr. Henk Akkermans

Management (strategy and organization)

Dr. Louis Mulotte


Dr. Barbara Deleersneyder

Public Governance

Prof. dr. Patrick Kenis

Tax Economics

Prof. dr. Stan Stevens