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Enrollment Bachelor’s Program Psychology with numerus fixus

Information enrollment in a Bachelor’s program with numerus fixus

Numerus fixus (clausus) basically means that a selection procedure is in place. More general information about Dutch regulation on numerus fixus programs and its procedures can be found here

In 2023-2024, only Tilburg University’s Bachelor’s program in Psychology will have a numerus fixus, with a selection procedure.

Step 1: Check the admission requirements

For more information regarding the admission requirements please go to the Bachelor's program in Psychology Application and Admission website

Should you have any questions regarding the selection and placement procedure, please contact the Admission Coordinator Numerus Fixus: 

Step 2 Register in Studielink by January 15

If you want to apply for the Bachelor’s program with a numerus fixus, you have to register in Studielink. The Studielink site will take you through the registration process step-by-step. The following deadline is strictly enforced by Studielink for programs with central or decentralized selection:

    • January 15, 2023 23.59 (Central European Time (CET)):  for academic year 2023-2024 only Tilburg University’s Bachelor’s program in Psychology has a numerus fixus.

    Once this deadline has passed you will no longer be able to register via Studielink. If you attempt to register in Studielink after January 15, you will only be able to send yourself a proof of this attempt via e-mail. This email serves as a proof of your attempt in case of exceptional circumstances (force majeure).

    If you completed the application- and selection procedure, you will receive a notification by Studielink on April 15, 2023 indicating which place on the ranking list has been allocated to you. 

    Step 3: Steps after announcement ranking numbers (April 15, 2023)

    If your ranking number is within the number of available places (there are 600 available places in total, for both the Dutch and the English-taught Psychology program), you will receive a proof of placement via Studielink on April 15, 2023. As soon as you have received your proof of placement, you must accept this via Studielink within 14 days. A proof of placement that has not been accepted on time will expire due to law. If a proof of placement expires, a proof of placement is granted to the next candidate who qualifies for this on the basis of his/her ranking number and to whom no proof of placement has previously been granted. 

    If your ranking number is a number above 600, you are placed on the waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, it will be allocated to the next candidate on the waiting list. If a place becomes available and it is awarded to you, you will be notified immediately via Studielink. You will then have 14 days to accept (confirm) your place. The awarding of places that have become available will continue until 31 August 2023.

    If you changed your mind and you do not wish to accept (confirm) your proof of placement, you should reject the allocated place (in Studielink). Or, if you accepted a place in an earlier stage, you no longer want to proceed with your enrollment, then you need to cancel your registration in Studielink.

    Step 4: Completion of enrollment

    Once you have been allocated a place and have accepted your place in Studielink (Step 3), the registration process is not yet finished: you are NOT YET enrolled at Tilburg University. See Completion of enrollment for information on what you need to do to complete your enrollment and please carefully check the information in your provisional conditional admission letter regarding what steps you eventuelly still need to take.