Students Tilburg University

Dutch language certificate

If your nationality is not Dutch, and you have signed up for a program whose official language is Dutch, you must prove that you have sufficient command of the language.

The required qualification is the Staatsexamen NT2 certificate: Program II. Under certain conditions, you may be granted an exemption from this requirement. The school has to provide written confirmation of any such exemption. For more information and/or to request an exemption, please contact the Student Desk.

Action to be taken by student:

Submit a copy of the Staatsexamen NT2 certificate or an original exemption letter.


Deposit a copy of the above-mentioned certificate or an original exemption letter in the mailbox at the entrance to the Student Desk (Route 14, A301). You can also send it by mail to: Tilburg University, Student Administration, P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg.