Students Tilburg University

Inspiration & Networking

Expand your network

Are you looking for your own business idea, and interested in hearing other people’s stories? Eager to find out how other (student) entrepreneurs are tackling the challenges, or interested in meeting people with the same interests as you? At Tilburg University, we can help you.

All you need to do is join the Academic Business Club (ABC), a network organization for students. This club exists to help students with an interest in entrepreneurship or the ambition to start their own business either during or after studying. It will put you in touch with (student) entrepreneurs whose vision, ideas and experiences can inspire you.

Get inspired

At the monthly ABC Night, young entrepreneurial speakers talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs and the associated challenges, obstacles and ambitions. Each evening concludes with a networking reception.

Talk to the CEO

Every quarter, there is a Talk to the CEO lecture, where the CEO of a large organization such as Ahold, Delhaize, Wolters Kluwer or Unilever is given the floor. After the CEO’s presentation, there is plenty of time for students’ questions.

Company visit and study trip

Several times a year, you can visit events or companies both inside and outside the Netherlands. This is a great opportunity to soak up the atmosphere, to share knowledge and get inspiration. In addition, there is a study trip once a year to let try out your entrepreneurial skills on the international stage.

The Road Symposium

Once a year, the ABC organizes The Road Symposium, the number one symposium on entrepreneurship. It always offers an interesting and inspiring program for students, student entrepreneurs and anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship. Various guest speakers, who in the past have included Jort Kelder and Hanna Verboom, talk about their views on entrepreneurship.

Elevator Pitch Event

The Elevator Pitch Event is held annually on Tilburg University campus. During this event, you’ll get the chance to give a real Elevator Pitch in the Koopmans building elevator! In the weeks beforehand you will be trained in how to pitch and sell a business idea: all in all, an inspiring experience for every current and future entrepreneur.