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Bachelor degree ceremony Tilburg Law School

Bachelor degree ceremony Tilburg Law School

Congratulations! You have completed the university degree of a bachelor!

Tilburg Law School would like to take a moment to celebrate your bachelor's degree, an important moment in your academic career. For many of you, the next step is choosing a master's degree. Others are looking to the job market. Reason enough, then, to congratulate you on your achievement with a festive ceremony.

If you have passed all the required courses of your bachelor's program, a bachelor's diploma will be printed for you by the student administration. When your bachelor's diploma is completed, you will receive notification of this from the Student Administration along with an invitation to the bachelor's degree ceremony. In order to participate in the ceremony, all grades must be received by the Student Administration no later than 3 weeks before the graduation ceremony.

If you graduate as a master before October and have not yet received a bachelor's diploma, you will receive your bachelor's diploma with your master's diploma.

Signing up for the graduation ceremony

Once you have passed all the courses in your bachelor's degree and all your credits have been processed, you will receive an email from the student administration to register for the bachelor's diploma ceremony. If you do not receive the email, please inform us via this  form.

The only and next joint graduation ceremony will take place in October of this year.


You will receive an official invitation well in advance, indicating the time and location.

Signing out graduation ceremony

Have you registered for the graduation ceremony, but cannot come after all? Please mail us at

Diploma received earlier

You may wish to receive your diploma earlier. You will then no longer be able to participate in the joint ceremony. Submit a request for this through the Student Desk.

Deferral creating diploma

When you have obtained 180 ECTS, the Student Administration will automatically print your diploma and grade list. You will be notified of this by e-mail. This e-mail also states that you can, within two weeks after sending the e-mail, report in writing to the Tilburg Law School Examination Board to postpone the creation of your transcript and diploma. This can be done through this form.

The Examination Board will make a decision regarding your request within four weeks and notify you in writing. Postponement is only granted in exceptional cases, namely when the board of examiners is of the opinion that it would seriously harm the student if the transcript and diploma have been made at the moment the 180 ECTS have been obtained.

Additional courses after graduation

Should you obtain additional undergraduate courses after your diploma has been processed, you can request your own study statement from the Student Desk through the site.

Please note that your credits must already be credited in your study progress.

Civil effect statement

Dutch students who plan to pursue a legal master's diploma at another university and who have taken the required additional courses can request a bachelor's supplement from the Student Desk showing that they will have civil effect after completing a legal master's study.