Students Tilburg University

Student Charter chapter 7: Student facilities

Students are entitled to student facilities. The Executive Board is responsible for providing student facilities in accordance with the minister’s guidelines.

7.1 School facilities for students

Student facilities are primarily a set of instruments for the set up and maintenance of feasible and high-quality education and a correct distribution of the work load over the duration of a degree program. Provisions are also being made for good student counseling. Each school has education coordinators for this purpose. Internationalization coordinators have been appointed to deal with students studying at a foreign university. Several faculties also have student mentors.

These facilities are described in the Education and Examination Regulations that the faculties have adopted, after obtaining advice from the program committee and the consent of the school council.

7.2 Central student facilities

In addition to the program-related school facilities, Tilburg University also offers a number of specific centralized student facilities, including:

a) Student Development (Deans of Students, student psychologists, career coaches and trainers, dual career coordinator, student chaplain),

b) a Student Center with facilities for student associations and cultural, artistic and philosophical training,

c) Grand Café Esplanade,

d) a Sports Center,

e) an introductory committee (TOP),

f) facilities for students with a disability or chronic illness,

g) International Office, including accommodations for foreign students,

h) Student Desk,

i) the Library,

j) the Language Center,

k) computer facilities and courses,

l) study locations,

m) Studium Generale

n) PrismaPrint,

o) restaurant facilities,

p) Conference & Event Support